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Making Your Home Safe

Every house is at risk of being burgled, it doesn't matter where you live or what season it is. This can happen at any time. That's why you need to make sure your home is correctly protected in every way possible. Here are some guidelines to go about doing to prevent unwanted intruders and to keep your house safe.

• Invest in a good home security system. The bell only alarms are the most popular bought security method, however these are not effective systems as the police and neighbors overlook ringing alarms. So if you can afford a better security system, then do so because they do offer great protection.
• When leaving your house, try not to make it seem too noticeable that you've left. Evidently, an empty house is much more likely to be burgled.
• If you're living in a new home, it's vital to change the locks, as you never know who else may have a copy of the key to your house.
• Keep your key in safe place. Leaving keys around the vicinity of your home is the biggest mistake to make when trying to keep your house secure.
• Take a look at your locks and check they are working well. You should also make sure the bolts on your windows are working too.
• When leaving your house at days at a time, setup time switches for a couple of lights in the house and keep some of the curtains drawn.
• Consider keeping a dog at your house, as most burglars avoid homes with noisy, barking dogs that may bite.
• Never give out personal information about your home over the phone, the caller may be a potential burglar.