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A Guide to Property Management Abroad

When you have purchased your dream property abroad and you have to return home for a while before you can next visit your home abroad, you may worry that the property will be damaged or broke in to. This is why so many people choose to employ people to maintain their property whilst they are not able to be there. Property maintenance can vary in price, some are more expensive than others and their roles as a property maintainer may also differ.

Some property owners choose to employ people to simply check over there house from the outside once in a while, where as others may want to give a key to the property maintenance firm, and their work may involve cleaning the property or switching on heating and so on. Not only is this an excellent option for people who own property abroad and are worried about leaving it empty for long periods of time, but it also is a great job for people who already live abroad.

What is property maintenence?
Property maintenance is a job that is easy to set up on your own. You can aim your services at foreigners or just to one nationality, it is your choice. You will have to choose what you are going to offer to potenital clients and decided whether or not you will be flexible on what your role involves. Sometimes property maintenance is purely about checking a property weekly or monthly to make sure that no harm has came to it and often you do not require a key to enter the property either. However, some clients may wish to give you a key to their property to switch on/off the heating system at certain times of the year, to clean the house, tend to the garden etc. Obviously prices for such services vary in price depending on the amount of work involved and whether or not you are prepared to do more that just checking over a property.

How will I advertise my services?
If you are in the property management business then you will need to ensure that you advertise your business well. It is a good idea to approach people with holiday homes, as they are often backwards and forwards visiting and are often willing to pay for property maintenece and peace of mind. Another way of advertising is to produce leaflets or business cards and leave them in estate agents offices, hotels, car hire places, bars, post offices and anywhere where you think could be a good place to advertise your business.

Gaining clients...
One of the difficult parts of starting a new business is getting clients, and what is harder than that is keeping them. To attract clients, you must have a professional approach and be well presentable to all clients. Remember that these people are trusting you to look after there property when they are not there, so they need to feel that they can trust you and you seem organised at what you are doing. When you initially meet your new clients, you should discuss the following things:

-When you plan to check the property
-How often do you plan to check the property
-What your job will involve
-prices and methods of payment
-contact details of the client

To ensure that your clients has peace of mind whilst they are at home, you should send regular emails or contact the client after checking the property to inform them of the current state of the property.