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Clean Your Home in Half The Time

Nobody wants to live in an unclean home, but keeping on top of the house chores is a different, difficult problem in itself. If, like many people, your daily routine involves working, cooking , caring for a family and then the task of household chores to complete, you can sympathize with the difficulties involved. But even if you have the time to clean, most people would agree that they would rather spend the time doing something more enjoyable instead.

Keeping Your Home Fresh
Air fresheners and fabric sprays often come complete with a high price tag and sometimes even an overpowering scent, so why not make your own?! There is no need to replace your existing bottle of fabric freshener or room spray, all you need is to dilute the remaining amount in a plastic spray bottle. You don't have to use a fabric freshener or room spray if you don't want to, you can even dilute some perfume, fabric softener or body spray. Just dilute your chosen spray with some water in a plastic pray bottle and keep your home fresh with its own unique smell!

In the Kitchen
Tough kitchen stains are a nasty nightmare and a hard job to remove, especially if they happen to be on your stainless steel sink. Stainless steel can be really hard to clean, as anything too abrasive can damage, scratch or tarnish it. If you have any old lemons or limes on your fruit dish, then cut them in half and squeeze the juice on to the stains. The acid in citrus fruits such as lemons and limes, are great at removing stains, even the stubborn ones. Rubbing lemon or lime juice on to stains and dirt will tackle the problem without harming the work surfaces. Lemons and limes are good because they are natural products and don't contain any harmful chemicals.

For an everyday cleaning product, dilute some white vinegar and use it to clean the kitchen work tops and anything stainless steel. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning product and what is better, most people have it in their kitchen cupboards. Diluted white vinegar is ok to use every day to clean your kitchen and is an overall great product to have around. Your kitchen may end up smelling of vinegar, but the smell will wear off and your kitchen will sparkle!

To keep stainless steel in top condition, rub a small amount of vegetable oil or olive oil on to anything stainless steel in your kitchen. Luckily in Greece, olive oil is easy to get hold off, so this tip is very cheap and cheerful. The oil will restore the shine in the steel and makes it easier to clean. This really doesn't have to be done often, once a month is enough.

Relaxing in the Lounge
If your sofa is prone to getting dust or dirt on it, cover all of it or parts with a blanket or throw. When it comes to the time when the blanket or throw needs to be cleaned, it is easy and fast to put it in the washing machine. Using blankets and throws are a good idea too for those with leather sofas, because leather sofas can sometimes be quite cold and blankets can make the sofa more comfortable in colder weather.

As the lounge is often the main sitting and living area, where all the family, guests and even pets, gather, it obviously attracts more dirt and is a bigger cleaning job. Even objects such as the remote control suffer from dust and dirt, so every part of the room must be cleaned! Make a remote control covering, by covering it with cling film, it will still work the same, but the remote itself will not get dirty. When the cling film has worn out or it is looking grubby, simply replace it with a new covering of cling film.

White vinegar makes an excellent cleaning product, as you know. But it don't just clean up the kitchen and stainless steel, it is also great on cleaning the bathroom. White vinegar is brilliant for keeping lime scale at bay, all you need to do is wipe over the bathroom and taps with some white vinegar and you will save yourself time battling with lime scale and other bathroom dirt.