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De-clutter your home

It is important not to do everything at once when it comes to tidying your home. Tackle one room at a time and don't move on to any other room before you have finished what have you have already started. It doesn't matter how big your home is, because we all have mess and clutter, no matter how much living space we have. Instead, use what you have to de-clutter and disguise your junk.

In a small space, shelves are an excellent option. They can hold, store and display all sorts of things, so they are a great low cost choice. To make the room seem bigger, paint the shelves the same colour as the room, to give the illusion of a more spacious room.

Stylish space saving
Use an ottoman, storage trunk, basket or any other type of decorative storage device to hide the stuff that you need to be easily accessible. An ottoman can also be used as a seat or table, whilst storing stuff too.

Under bed storage
If your bed has room underneath it, then use the room to your advantage and store clothes, shoes and anything else that needs to be hidden. If you don't want everything getting attacked by dust, there are lots of under bed storage bags and boxes that you can buy, which will keep your possessions clean and dry, so you can bag and box anything you want.

Other storage tips
Shoe boxes should never be chucked out or burnt and instead, should be kept to store any loose odds and ends.
Covering cardboard boxes and shoe boxes with fabric or wrapping paper, will give them a whole new look, making them look more attractive to be on display.
If you have half a dozen boxes of memorabilia and photo's that you have to store, line the up side by side and cover them all in a large piece of fabric or a throw. Instead of looking like a load of boxes sat in your room, it will instead look as if you have a fancy seat or table with nice upholstery. Nobody will guess that there are in fact boxes underneath, just don't let anyone sit on them!