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'Tis the Season to Detox -Greek Style!

After spending much of December celebrating the festivities, the main thing on our minds now is to lose the extra pounds we have put on, detox, catch up on sleep and keep our new years resolutions. It is all easier said than done when we have so much on our minds already and trying to beat the winter blues. Luckily, Greece has one of the most healthiest lifestyles in the world and so it is easy to take advantage of the benefits of living in Greece! The weather may not be brilliant at this time of the year, but it is worth taking a look at the other things that make life in Greece so great!!



Feta Cheese
Finding good quality Feta cheese in Greece is so easy that it's boring. Thanks to this, you can use this excellent ingredient to make pies, pastries, salads, moussaka, snacks and even soups! Apart from a few of Greece's neighboring countries, Feta or white cheese, can be very expensive but also a fantastic ingredient to have in the fridge. Eating tubs full of this will probably push you further away from that New Year's resolution of losing a few pounds, but is by far the healthiest cheese with the lowest amount of fat and cholesterol in it.

Greek Olive oil
Another low fat, tasty alternative to fire up your taste buds and your metabolism. Tasty Greek olive oil can be found ten a penny in Greece, so make the most of it. It makes a great salad dressing, ingredient in dishes such as moussaka, is great for roasting vegetable and if you love this stuff like the Greeks do, then try drizzling it on to bread.

Fresh fruit and Vegetables
Greece produce most of their own fruit and vegetables because of its wonderful weather. That is why the Greek produce is always of high standards and generally great quality. The glorious Greek sunshine helps to make the tomatoes sweet, the lemons juicy and the vegetables tasty. This all helps with the process of making wine, olive oil and other Greek dishes. The Greek sunshine makes the salad vegetables great tasting, which is why the famous Greek salad is one of the best in the world!

Take a Trip
It may be a while before you can go swimming in the sea, but not to worry, take the time to plan which of the numerous Greek islands you will visit this year and what you will do there. Whether you plan to go winetasting this summer, relax on the beach, take part in the actvities on the beach such as water sports or tour the favoured Greek historical sites - it is all available to you, so plan whilst you can!

Tye up those loose ends
Whilst the winter is here, so is the cooler weather, which is why this time of year is a great time of year to get things done. Paint the house, dig the garden, clean the chimney, make sure that you have completed all the things that need to be done, so that they are not still hanging around you when the hot weather comes.