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Keeping Warm in Winter

Keeping warm in winter is not always an easy task. It is often harder to get warm again once you have been outside. There are many myths and truths about what really does keep you warm in winter and what simply makes you feel warm. Don't go cold this winter and make sure you study our article carefully to find out how to stay hot for a small cost this winter. In some countries, the winter season is very short and therefore the cold weather is bareable however, for those living in countries where the winter lasts for months, you will be very interested in how to keep warm during the winter months.


Seal your doors and windows
Make sure that everywhere is draught free. Although it may seem simple and obvious, just closing a window or sealing a small hole or gap under a door will make all the difference. If it is a job that you have been putting off, make the effort to seal the gaps and you will notice a big difference. Just by making your home draught proof, could easily lower your heating bill. So it all make a difference and will benefit you in the long run!


Limit your living space
In the summer, it is more comfortable to space yourselves out around the house. In the winter however, you should limit your living space to just part of the house and heat just this part of the house. By living in just a few rooms or part of the house, you will be able to keep the heat within the rooms and the heat will be more intense. This will help you to keep warm all winter and lower your heating bills if you choose to limit your living space. Close off the rooms that you are not using and keep the part of the house that you are using well insulated. It is a good idea to use smaller rooms throughout the winter, because smaller rooms are quicker and cheaper to keep warm.

Add some extra heat
If you have tiled or laminate floors, why not buy a rug or carpet, so that the floor is not cold. By keeping the floor warm, you will help insulate the whole room, so it is definitely worth it and it will also be warm for you to walk on too.
Get the roof and attic insulated if it is not already! Remember that heat rises, so you will lose a huge amount of heat if your roof insulation isn't too great!
Try and let as much sun in to the house as possible. The rooms that have the most sunlight on them will keep warm more than duller rooms.

Eating and drinking
Hot soups, porridge for breakfast and a hot dinner will definitely keep you warm. Not only is it unappetizing to eat cold foods in winter, but it won't warm you up either. Eat soups, porridge, chilli's, spicy foods and roasts to keep warm.
As for drinking, the old tale that a shot of whisky or other spirit will warm you, is nothing more than a myth. Although it is very appealing to sip at a glass of vodka, whisky or brandy in the winter, it will not make you warm. You may be thinking "I feel warm when I drink it, so it must be making me warm..." The answer to this, is that the alcohol makes you feel warm, and you are very lilkely to get rosey cheeks after a glass, but it actually makes you colder. Relying on alcohol to make you warm can be very dangerous, as it gives you a false sense of feeling warm, even though your body is actually getting colder.
However, drinking hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate and coffee make great winter warmers. Drinking hot drinks will not warm your body for very long, as your body is made up of mostly water and just drinking one cup will not get you feeling really warm, but will help.

Dressing for the weather
Wear layers during these cold temperatures. If you feel warm, you can always take a layer off, but layer clothes is the best way to keep warm. It has been proved that wearing a few thin layers will keep you warmer than wearing one thick jumper.
Hats are one of the most important things for the winter. It may not seem the most appealing thing to wear, as most people are not overly keen to wear a hat, but it will keep you warm and prevent you from getting ill. The two most important things to wear are hats and thick socks. You will notice the difference if you make sure that your head and feet are warm and dry. It is said that you lose the most heat from your head, so wearing a hat or keeping your head covered is vital.