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Greek Interior Design Ideas

Here we take a look at ways to add some Greek interior design ideas in your new island property. Most people think of small whitewashed houses adorned with bright blue woodwork when they picture their perfect Greek Island home, however this style is really only typical of the Cyclades Islands, However, once the thought of owning your very own island property becomes a reality you can turn your thoughts to decorating the interior of your home and no doubt amidst the background of glittering seas, blues skies, and the lingering scent of fresh thyme and sun-baked earth, you will want to go one step further and add some Greek interior design ideas and bring the splendour of the island outside into your home. A traditional picture postcard Greek Island interior is in fact very easy to accomplish as well as being a very relaxing style to live with.


Painting the Walls and Adding Colour

A typical Cycladic interior is very uncomplicated, rural and minimalistic. Paint your walls with white matt emulsion or whitewash, which is made by thinning down the emulsion with water at a ratio of 50:50. Don’t worry about lumps and bumps in the plaster or about painting onto plain stone, this will just add to the rustic effect you are trying to recreate. You can remove any elaborate architectural details, which are not in keeping with this style – things like mouldings and architrave.  Paint the doors, frames, windows, skirting and fireplace in a rich Mediterranean blue or turquoise.


Choosing Your Flooring

The types of flooring that work best with this style are terracotta tiles, hardwoods and natural stone. A wooden floor will give a warm feel and will not be freezing underfoot whereas stone and tiles will blend well but are not the best solutions for those colder winter days, although if you are lucky enough to have inherited a natural stone floor, don’t be in a hurry to rip it out; dress it up with plenty of warm and brightly coloured rugs, which again you will be able to purchase locally or if you can get your hands on a flokati rug, snap it up. These natural lamb’s wool floor coverings have been used for centuries in Greece, you can even use them as throws. Their fluffy touch underfoot is great when you get out of bed and they can be easily cleaned. If you are worried about them showing the dirt, opt for a natural grey lamb's wool.  Avoid carpet at all costs, whilst it is warm underfoot, it will ruin the overall look of this traditional style.

Selecting the Right Furniture

The good news about recreating these typical Greek interior design ideas in your interior is that you don’t need much furniture, in fact less is definitely more when it comes down to it. Look around for reproduction or genuine quality wooden furniture and try and select those pieces with an aged, worn look. Additionally buy low level pieces and don’t worry about everything matching – this rustic style takes away the need for perfect co-ordination. Wrought iron for beds works well too because it gives a simple, rural look to a room, but avoid any ornate fretwork.


The Finishing Touches

Adding accessories is the perfect way to personalise your home. Buy some wall hangings made from thick vibrant, colourful textiles in interesting patterns, you will be able to find them around the islands but you may have to stretch them onto a basic homemade wooden frame. The burst of colour will add warmth to your room and create a focal point. Keep your windows bare and use wooden shutters, painted in the same blue as the rest of your woodwork to keep out the light and keep the interior cool. Alternatively drape plain white voile across the windows to add additional privacy. Choose wrought iron light fittings including wall sconces and plenty of iron candle holders adorned with chunky white candles. This will add an extra degree of authenticity and ambience. Shop around your island for local pottery in natural clay painted with intriguing patterns in bright colours. Leave free standing clay urns dotted around the place too. Add plenty of colourful cushions to your beds, sofas and chairs along with patterned throws to create a warm Mediterranean feeling. If your island has a good selection of handmade embroidery, buy a table cloth and bedspread or a nicely embroidered piece to mount as wall art. Keep bed linen fresh and white. If you want a splash of colour in your bathroom, choose towels in the blue shade that you used on your woodwork. Finally in our Greek interior design ideas bring your house to life with plenty of green pants and potted, red geraniums in terracotta plant pots.

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