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Simple Interiors

what lies behind the door of a greek island homeVisiting a Greek home you will be surprised at how "spartan" the inside can be, with simple interiors. So if you are captivated with the idea of buying that bijou property on your favourite Greek Island? There may be startling white exteriors, a full sun-drenched patio and a relaxed village vibe - but consider what you are likely to want to create a beautiful Greek home interior. 

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Preparing a Garden for Spring

preparing a garden for springSpring is approaching and this is the time to start preparing a garden for spring. It is the year for you to start growing your own food from your own garden and it can be really easy. Make the effort, and you will be truly rewarded with fresh, tasty, fresh food to eat and share with family and friends. You don't have to start big. Begin small, and slowly you will get the hang of it. You don't need a lot of outdoor space or garden, you just need the energy and motivation to get started.

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The Greek House

In ancient towns of Greece the Greek house was in general small with only a few rooms and one or two storeys; the roof was tiled or covered with reeds and built from clay, stone or wood.

The Greek house was designed and built around an open court yard. And this was the central point of family life where meals were cooked and enjoyed. Greek families would gather to relax, tell stories and sew in the open air privacy of their courtyard.

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Greek Interior Design Ideas

white walls are traditionally greekHere we take a look at ways to add some Greek interior design ideas in your new island property. Most people think of small whitewashed houses adorned with bright blue woodwork when they picture their perfect Greek Island home, however this style is really only typical of the Cyclades Islands, However, once the thought of owning your very own island property becomes a reality you can turn your thoughts to decorating the interior of your home and no doubt amidst the background of glittering seas, blues skies, and the lingering scent of fresh thyme and sun-baked earth, you will want to go one step further and add some Greek interior design ideas and bring the splendour of the island outside into your home. A traditional picture postcard Greek Island interior is in fact very easy to accomplish as well as being a very relaxing style to live with.

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Home Security Tips

Home security tips: Every house is at risk of being burgled, it doesn't matter where you live or what season it is. This can happen at any time. That’s why you need to make sure your home is correctly protected in every way possible. Here Quest Greek Islands looks at some guidelines to help secure your new home and prevent unwanted intruders and to keep it safe. Some of these home security tips are also worth noting for holiday homeowners too.

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How to Renovate a Kitchen on a Budget

Here we look at some easy and simple ways of how to renovate a kitchen on a budget. If you have recently purchased a property and a household renovation is on the agenda it is likey that money will be spent on jobs further up the list than that on a new refitted kitchen. Read our money saving ideas on how to renovate a kitchen on a budget.

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Greek Interior Decorating

Greek interior decorating is gaining in recognition, and inspiring a large amount of Greek property owners to attempt to recreate the relaxed Greek inspired decor in their property's back home. Many owners worldwide want to re-establish the relaxed bright feeling of the Greek interior decorating from their holiday property in Greece. So if you are a New Greek property owner why not bring a little of the local colours and design to your property adding a few special finishing touches here are some of our tips.

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New Year in Greece

January 1st is a day we all know as New Year's Day. In Greece it is also known as St.Basil's day, which is why it is custom to serve St.Basil or New Year cake, also known as Vassilopita. There are many traditions and beliefs reguarding New Year and it is a day that is spent with families and friends. New Year's Day in Greece is very entertaining and much of the day is spent playing games and gambling.

New Year's Eve
The Christmas period starts from the 12th December in Greece and lasts until the 6th January. During this time, there are many parties and gatherings, though not all are so commercialised as in other countries. The bars and clubs gain much more customers during this busy time of year and families and friends often gather together to celebrate the festivities.

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Move to Greece

Move to Greece - It has often been voted in one of the top five most stressful experiences. The obvious reasons for this are the total upheaval of your life, the uncertainty of the whole venture, and the concerns about moving your possessions from A to B without them being ruined. Once the movers are hired, or you’ve decided to ship your stuff yourself, it’s time to start putting your whole life into paper and boxes for the ride. Quest Greek Islands has put together some helpful tips on your move to Greece

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