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A Culinary Tour of the Greek Islands

In Greece, as in most other countries, you will find that each region offers it's own variety of cuisine, flavored by the customs and culture of the areas inhabitants,

as well as the prevalence of natural resources, and the talent of it's local chefs.

A serious traveler embarking upon a mission to savor the rich cuisine of the many Greek islands will find a vast assortment of cuisine. Whether street vendors, the small seaside cafes, or the more elegant atmosphere, found within one the many luxurious hotel restaurants, the traveler can be sure to experience some of the best, and most flavorful dishes to be found anywhere on earth.

As we travel through the wonderful maze of islands that dot the coastline of this ancient nation, our first stop will be the island of Corfu, or Kerkyra, as it is called in it's native language.

Found off the Western coast of Greece, the island is a part of the Ionian Island cluster, a major destination for tourists, and business travelers alike.
While here, you may want to visit both the quiet, scenic areas, such as Paleokastritsa, known as an earthly paradise with its crystal clear waters, enchanting coves and lush greenery, as well as the bustling, modern capital city, of Korfu.

The Boukari Beach restaurant is famous for it's offerings of the freshest seafood; traditional Greek Island cuisine. Sample the Lobster in Corfu sauce, Scampi in garlic Metaxa sauce, or just enjoy the array of exquisite appetizers, delicately made to order, with ingredients native to the island.

Also while visiting Corfu, do not miss the Chrisi Tavern. Established in 1920, this restaurant is famous for both it's service and cuisine. Travelers from around the world come here to taste such as specialties as " Sofrito", "Pastitsada", and "Bourdeto", made in traditional, old-world fashion.

Our next stop, the island of Crete is well known for both it's modern and old-world attractions. It is a popular traveling destination for many foreign travelers.

In the Chania region of Crete, situated inside the beautiful Ammos Hotel, is a lovely restaurant which is said to offer the best dolmades and the marathopita (dill pie), as well as katsiki augolemono (goat in egg and lemon sauce) and cretan pilafi (aka wedding rice).

Bukanvilia, located in Fournes district, is famous for it's delicious traditional Greek coffers rumoured to be the best food in all of Greece. Sample flat cake with wild fennel, stuffed wine leaves and zucchini flowers - and do miss the mysitra (a lovely Cretan cheese dish.)

Archontiko: Located on the coast, in the area called Zefiros, this restaurant is well-known to the islanders. Offering a large assortment of fresh seafood mezedes (snacks) as well as popular dishes including clams on the halfshell, fried mini-shrimp, and a wonderful rice and seafood dish, which is served directly from a conch shell, this is a must visit destination, for those who visit the island.

The Ouzerie-Mezedopoulion, located in Mandraki Harbor, is known for its grill restaurants and patisseries. This restaurant serves what is said to be the best traditional Greek and Turkish dishes anywhere. Melitsanasalata (eggplant dip), along with a large range of traditional, fresh Greek style salads, are said to be the best found anywhere in Greece.

Our last stop will be the beautiful Island of Samos. This is the most widely visited of all the Greek Islands, and many claim that it offers the best food in all of Greece.

Tavern Evinos in Votsalakia is said to be one of the finest restaurants in all of Samos. The meat served comes from the proprietors own stock, it is fresh daily, and cooked to perfection. The garden of Evinos also provides most of the vegetables served in the restaurant. Fresh tomatoes, aubergines and potato's as well green peppers, onion and garlic create the freshest and most appetizing Tzatiki, as well as the ingredients for the many fresh, colorful salads that diners may elect to enjoy. From fresh marlin to 'Athirina' (small fish, fried in a pan with onions) or Octopus in wine sauce, the main course selection features a variety of fresh seafood items, as well as traditional items, cooked in the old-world fashion.

The Psarades Restaurant is located in Agios Nikoloas. Open for both lunch and dinner, this restaurant offers a unique atmosphere, with a menu that ranges from traditional Greek cuisine to fresh seafood entrees, prepared in delicate sauces, and seasoned to perfection. Visitors may decide to sample one of the many wines offered, to compliment the menu, and add that distinctive touch of elegance that fine wines bring to any meal.

While there are many other islands, as well as many restaurants, taverns and cafes this information has been compiled with the hopes of giving foreign travelers and curious on-lookers a mere glimpse of some of the best fare to be offered through-out the islands, and to encourage the traveler to explore the various traditional and non-traditional cuisine of the rich and luxurious paradise, known as the Greek Islands.