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Easy Healthy Foods to Make at Home

Nowadays everybody wants easy healthy foods to make at home, and for most of us you wouldn't expect these to include Greek dishes. Often we consider Greed food to be time consuming and hard work.

There is a varied cuisine within the Greek culture, and the Greek's make use of a wide selection of ingredients available when in season. Popular ingredients that are used all of the time in the Greek kitchen are olive oil, bread, cheese, fish poultry, herbs and various seasonal vegetables. Greek food is extremely popular around the world and although some traditional dishes do take time to prepare, and a long time to cook here we take a look at some easy healthy foods to make at home that are tasty and can be enjoyed at home.

Using some Greek recipes and ideas can help provide a variation to your weekly menu and are relatively easy healthy foods to make at home
One of the most important Greek ingredients is olive oil, mainly due to the abundance of olive trees that cover the country. The olive oil perhaps helps give a distinct flavor to the Greek cuisine, as well as other significant ingredients that make it the cuisine it is famed for. Wheat is another popular product used in Greek cooking especially for making bread such as the famous pita bread. Nowadays pita breads are easy to buy in local supermarkets, and relatively inexpensive. Next another traditional Greek food product is yogurt, which has a number of uses in the Greek kitchen. One favourite to accompany the bread and typical kebabs is the well known yogurt dip tzatziki. The dip is only a few easy to get hold of ingredients including yogurt, cucumber and garlic. It also goes well with sandwiches especially filling meat and salad. These are exceptionally easy healthy foods to make at home and you can experiment with other dishes using the dip.

Other common ingredients that can be easy to buy locally are tomatoes. O.K probably not as good as those you may have eaten whilst on holiday in Greece, but organic and cherry tomatoes can be reasonable quality! Onions, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, green beans and okra are typical vegetables used in many Greek dishes. These vegetables are seasoned with distinct Greek flavours using bay leaves, garlic, mint, oregano dill and onions. These are strong bold flavours but give the vegetables that distinct Greek flavor. These vegetable dishes would be served with a protein dish using a range of meat such as chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit and pork. Various spices are used to flavor the slow meat dishes whether slow cooked or grilled depending on the region, but generally common herbs and spices that are used are basil, thyme, and fennel and sweet spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

One of the most common dishes is souvlaki which is one of those really easy healthy foods to make at home. It is simply seasoned meat skewered and grilled. So far you have delicious ideas for putting together easy healthy foods to make at home.

Finally you cannot have a Greek style meal without a Greek salad. Using lots of sliced onions (red are best), sliced green peppers, and chunks of tomatoes and cucumbers combined in an olive oil and light vinaigrette dressing and top with crumbled feta cheese, delicious.

Greek food is diverse so why not experiment in your own kitchen with these ideas. Some other popular dishes that can be found on Quest Greek Islands are Dolmadakia, Moussaka, Spanakopita and dessert Baklava. Though some take a bit longer they are worth attempting. Alternatively, try our easy healthy foods to make at home ideas in this article.