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Lamb kleftiko

Lamb kleftiko is one of the most popular traditional Greek dishes you will find on a menu in a Greek taverna. It is a simple dish to prepare and a delicious dish to share with family and fiends. Lamb Kleftiko is principally slow cooked lamb with vegetables in a paper parcel. From allowing plenty of time to cook this dish means the flavours merge, with the end result being a tasty and impressive meal that you will remind you of your holidays in Greece.


6 lamb shanks

6 cloves of garlic

3 carrots

3 potatoes

4 tomatoes cut into slices

Feta cheese cut into 6 small chunks

1 - 2 large onions cut into slices

1 lemon for juice

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp thyme

1 cup of oil

Salt and pepper

Parchment paper or foil and string

Sprig of rosemary and lemon slices for garnish

Method - Lamb Kleftiko

Heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Prepare potatoes and carrots and cut into thick chunks and place in a bowl.

Using the parchment paper or foil and place two sheets on top of each other to form a cross and then add a layer of potatoes and carrots.

With a sharp knife slit a hole in the lamb shank and insert the garlic and another for a chunk of feta cheese.

Then in a bowl mix together the oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, lemon juice and ½ cup of oil and coat the lamb shanks evenly with the mixture.

Then place the meat on top of the carrot and potato.

Then take slices of tomatoes and onions and arrange around the lamb.

Draw together the parchment paper into a parcel and tie with the string and drizzle with a little oil.

Stand in a large baking tin, then repeat with the other lamb shanks.

Cook in a hot oven for 2 hours until the meat is cooked through and tender.

Remove and allow 15 minute for the meat to rest before serving. Serve the parcel of lamb kleftiko on a plate and garnish with lemon and rosemary. It is delicious on its own or with bread, rice or vegetables.