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Greek Lamb Dishes

Greek Lamb Dishes - here we look at some of the facts about Greece's cuisine and a list of the most popular Greek lamb dishes.

Facts on Lamb

Lamb is regularly the main ingredient of an important celebration meal associated with Greece's historical culinary culture. In addition it plays a big part in the Greek diet today.

Despite the fact that Greeks are eating more meat in their diet nowadays, back in time it was only consumed a couple of times a week. It was mainly used in small quantities together with other cheaper ingredients, helping provide the Greeks with the protein that was needed as part of a healthy diet.

The landscape and weather conditions of Greece offers perfect conditions in the rearing of sheep and goats than larger livestock such as cows. Poultry and rabbit are also very common in Grecian dinning; though Lamb is a specialty on special occasions. Lamb is in fact low fat and tasty, and goes well with a glass of Greek wine or Ouzo.

At Easter lamb is typically the most popular choice, cooked whole on a spit and enjoyed with loved ones.

Traditional Greek Lamb Dishes

Delicious flavours are created in both Lamb and other Greek meat recipes from some simple seasoning methods, along with sauces that they may be cooked in. Plain meat meals are often transformed into tasty, mouth watering dishes using sauces to cook meat in and they include béchamel, egg and lemon and tomato.

Drier meat recipes use garlic, olive oil, lemons, and herbs such as mint, oregano and parsley to provide their unique flavour that Greek food is renowned for. Most meat dishes are accompanied with tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables and pasta.

Popular Greek lamb dishes

Moussaka is a common recipe and contains lamb layered alongside aubergine and béchamel sauce. Lamb souvlaki is another well-liked dish and is cooked over a rotisserie. One of Greece's most favourite Sunday meals is oven cooked lamb with potatoes. Paidaki is grilled lamb chops that are coated in lemon, oregano, salt and pepper. Everything in the Greek kitchen is simple, fresh and outstanding in flavour.

If you try only one Greek lamb dish you must try Kleftiko. This is traditionally cooked in an earth or pit oven. It is slow baked lamb with the bone, which has been marinated in garlic and lemon juice and is delicious!