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Greek Mountain Tea

Greek mountain tea is popular all over Greece and in Mediterranean regions. Although available all year, it is more common to drink in the cooler winter months.
It is made from the dried leaves and flowers of the hardy perennial plant called Sideritis, which is native to Greece and grows in abundance here. Sideritis grows at higher altitudes of at least 1000m,in little or no soil or on rocky slopes and needs very little water.

Most regions of Greece have their own local name for the mountain tea. It is also known as `Greek mountain Shepherds tea’because in the past, Greek Sheppards would gather the plants from the mountainside whilst herding their flock.

The Greek mountain tea is well known for medicinal properties and is believed to have numerous health benefits and aid ailments for colds, respiratory problems, digestion, mild anxiety, and is also used for anti inflammatory. Local’s advise a cup a day to help keep you healthy!

Mountain tea is sold in all Greek food shops, chemists, and specialist herbal shops plus online. But can also be made from home by picking fresh and allowing to dry.

How to make:
15 grams of the dried leaves and flowers
4 cups of boiling water

Pour boiling water over the tea and let it stew for about 10 minutes. Then strain and drink with lemon and honey, sugar or on its own.
Greek mountain tea is great anytime of day and is traditionally served with feta cheese, black olives and fresh bread.