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Feta Cheese

Greece is famous for its feta cheese and it is a favourite amongst the locals and tourists In Greece. Feta is a white, crumbly cheese made from unpasteurised milk and is produced in Greece and also in its neighbouring country, Bulgaria. Feta is traditionally made from goat's or sheep's milk but as the years have gone on, the factories and shepherds make feta cheese using other varieties of milk.

The cheese is made from curdled milk, which is then separated and drained in a cloth bag. It is then cut in to slices and salted and preserved in brine.



Feta in Greek means slice and is loved all over Greece. Many people notice that feta tastes more salty that other cheeses, this is due to feta having a higher salt content compared to other cheeses. Feta contains about 5% salt, whereas 1-2% salt. The reason for this higher salt level is due to the feta cheese being cured and preserved in salt and brine. Many consider feta cheese to be a healthier alternative to regular yellow cheeses because it is preserved in natural ingredients and does not contain the additives or high fat content that other cheeses have.


Feta cheese is used in a variety of Greek dishes such as:
Greek salads
Greek moussaka
Hot pot dishes
And eaten on its own