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Delicious Greek Halvas Recipe

Try this delicious Greek dessert. Although it is traditionally served cold, it still makes a lovely dessert any time of the year.

Greek Halvas is a perfect dessert to impress your friends and family with, so get ready in the kitchen and start cooking.

To create this tasty dish, all you need is some basic ingredients and about an hour or two of your time.

This recipe is fairly easy to make and the more you make it, the better you will become.






 70g flour, make sure the flour is fine
 100g butter
 130g nuts, crushed or chopped
 400g sugar
 200g semolina
 700ml water
 2 tsps baking powder
 salt
 3 eggs
 1 stick of cinnamon
 3 garifalo cloves
 lemon peel, grated


 Mix together the baking powder with the flour and pinch of salt in a bowl
 Add the nuts and semolina and mix together
 Beat the butter and sugar together in a seperate bowl and add some milk, stir together well until the mixture is smooth.
 Add some of the grated lemon peel to the mixture.
 Grease a large baking pan and pour in the mixture.
 Place the baking tin in to the oven and bake at an average temperature for about 40-50 minutes.
 Whilst the mixture is baking, boil the 700ml of water, the sugar and the Garifalo cloves and boil for 5 minutes (It is best to do this after the mixture has been in the oven for about 30 minutes)
 Pour the syrup on the top of the mixture from the oven when it had cooked properly.
 Leave the Halva to cool before serving.