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Wine and Dine in the Greek Islands

Greece produces excellent quality food and drink, whether it's coffee, tea, olive oil, cheese, wine or spirits, Greek produce is of greatstandard!

Greek coffee the first beverage of the day is a strong, tasty shot of energy. Like an espresso, Greek coffee is served in small shots and is consumed in most parts of Greece.

Thousands of grapes are grown all over Greece and a majority is made into wine. Wine is made at home from fresh grapes and is also available to buy in shops and on markets too.


Retsina, although not produced in Greece, is a very popular drink in Greece. It is made from pine needles and is a pale yellow colour. Retsina is very similar to a strong wine, but is usually stronger than most wines. It is available to buy all over Greece from most stores.

Having the same appearance as water, Raki or Tsikoudia, can be easily mistaken for mineral water. Raki, as it is more commonly known as, is a home-made spirit. Many locals own their own still which is the machine, used to make alcohol. Raki is made from the pulp and the seeds from the grapes used to make wine. Locals pick the fresh grapes to make wine and once the wine is made, the remaining pulp and seeds are turned into Raki. Raki can be bought from a shop for less than 10 Euro for 1 liter. It is a custom to drink raki accompanied with Greek snacks such as Feta cheese, salad and bread and other various dishes.

Another Greek spirit is ouzo.  This is Greeceā€™s famous aniseed flavored spirit. Ouzo contains high levels of alcohol and is often mixed with water, which turns the clear liquid of ouzo cloudy.

Greek cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world and the Greek Island, Crete, has officially the healthiest lifestyle and diet in the world!

Greece produces excellent fruit, vegetables, cheese, yoghurt, honey and olive oil. Olive oil is often served on its own and eaten with bread. It is also used in many Greek dishes, as it is one of the biggest and most important parts of Greek cuisine.

Greek stifado, a mixture of meat and vegetables in a flavored sauce, it is a type of Greek stew. The sauce has a special, unique flavour, with its variety of spices. Most forms of red meat are used in stifado, usually pork, beef and sometimes snails in some parts of Greece. Other ingredients include onions, potatoes and other vegetables.

Feta cheese is the favourite cheese in Greece. Feta cheese is used in cooking other Greek dishes such as moussaka and served on salads too. Feta cheese is probably the healthiest cheese available, as it contains little fat and cholesterol, which is why it is perhaps popular in Greece.

Moussaka is one of Greece's most famous dishes. Other neighboring European countries have their own version. The Greek version consists of aubergine, mince, vegetables, onions and sometimes potatoes with a topping of Greek yoghurt and feta cheese.

For breakfast, dessert or any time of day, Greek yoghurt is a perfect choice. The Greeks are proud of their yoghurt  they produce and is often served with a swirl of Greek honey on top.

The Greek cuisine is full of healthy, delicious food and there are great vegetarian options too.