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Greek Stifado

Stifado is a traditional Greek stew which comes in either Rabbit or Beef varieties. Whilst it makes a fantastic and hearty winter dish, it's served in the Greek Island Taverna's all year round. Normally Stifado would be served with chunky bread, boiled potatoes or rice, however it's not uncommon to find it served with french fries in the tourist resorts!


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Preserving Food For The Year

jarsWhen you relocate to your dream home in the sun, it can bring out the garden god or goddess in you and you may therefore find that you have been taken more of an interest in your garden as of late. Greece is known for its warm climate and so you may have decided to use the good weather and planted your own fruit or vegetables this year?! Producing any kind of food product by yourself is a real achievement, especially if it is your first time. But what happens at the end of

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Wine and Dine in the Greek Islands

stifadoGreece produces excellent quality food and drink, whether it's coffee, tea, olive oil, cheese, wine or spirits, Greek produce is of greatstandard!

Greek coffee the first beverage of the day is a strong, tasty shot of energy. Like an espresso, Greek coffee is served in small shots and is consumed in most parts of Greece.

Thousands of grapes are grown all over Greece and a majority is made into wine. Wine is made at home from fresh grapes and is also available to buy in shops and on markets too.


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Grilled Eggplant Dip

grilled eggplant dipAt this time of year in Greece there is an abundance of egg plants on sale in food stores and open markets.

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Tzatziki Recipe

Greek Tzatziki

Tzatziki is tradition Greek cucumber and yoghurt cold soup which is very similar to its Bulgarian counterpart 'Tarator'.
It can be served alone as a starter or a refreshing snack and it can also be used as a dip for pita bread or a sauce for pita sandwiches (wonderful with kebab meat and salad!).

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Greek Olive Bread

olivesBread is a staple part of the Greek diet, along with other things too. A favourite way to eat bread is dipping it in olive oil, so don't be repulsed if you get served a plate of bread with a bowl of olive oil, the Greeks have been eating it years! This recipe shows you how to make fresh bread with olives through.

Once cooked, the bread can be served hot or cold.




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Garlic Potato Recipe

garlic Give your taste buds a treat with this Greek baked garlic potato recipe. It makes a lovely warming dish in the winter, as well as being an excellent accomplament with salads in the summer too.  Garlic potatoes are a great choice all year round.







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Recipe for Lamb Kofta

Greek Kofta on the BarbecueAs summer starts to creep into the Greek Islands, thoughts automatically turn the Barbecue. Kofta (or 'keftedes') are a traditional Greek dish which are served all year round - similar in taste to a spicy meatball or a homemade burger ... perfect over a charcoal grill!

A firm favourite with adults and children alike, tasty, filling and not expensive to make.




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Greek Aubergine Moussaka Recipe

Greek Moussaka, is perhaps the most well known Greek dish throughout the world and generally comes in 3 varieties: aubergine, courgette or potato.

Feel free to substitute the aubergines in this recipe for slices of potato or courgette to try the other versions of this recipe.

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