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Traditional Greek Salad

Greek salads, or horiatiki, are known worldwide and what better meal to eat whilst sitting on a shady terrace outside a Greek Island taverna?

The basic recipe for Greek salad is roughly chopped tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and feta cheese drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano. Having said that there are many variations, feel free to modify this basic recipe by adding anchovies, olives or sliced green pepper.

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Feta Cheese

Greece is famous for its feta cheese and it is a favourite amongst the locals and tourists In Greece. Feta is a white, crumbly cheese made from unpasteurised milk and is produced in Greece and also in its neighbouring country, Bulgaria. Feta is traditionally made from goat's or sheep's milk but as the years have gone on, the factories and shepherds make feta cheese using other varieties of milk.

The cheese is made from curdled milk, which is then separated and drained in a cloth bag. It is then cut in to slices and salted and preserved in brine.

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Baklava Recipe

Greek Baklava is a very sweet and delicious dessert ... perfect with a strong coffee! There are many different recipes for Baklava throughout Greece and the Greek islands, this is our own version with honey and walnuts. The actual origins of Baklava are certainly somewhere in this region, although the Greek's claim it is of Greek origins and the Turks claim it is of Turkish origins! This is typical of most recipes which come from old countries, the exact origin is hard to place - every group seems to have a claim of their own on this delicious pastry. The history of Baklava is as colourful as the lands of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. This may not be the easiest recipe we've featured, but ... it is certainly well worth the time and effort!


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Cretan Boureki

If you have ever visited Crete then you will know how great their local cuisine is! Whilst there you may have already tried Cretan Boureki. Here is a great recipe to make Cretan Boureki at home and bring a little bit of Greece to your own kitchen! This is an easy recipe containing courgettes, potatoes, feta cheese which are all then baked in to a pastry and baked.

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Greek Island Restaurant Reviews

The Greek Islands are renowned for their healthy diet and testimony to this fact is that the Islands have very low rates of cancer and heart disease. Health specialists believe this is due to the fact that the islanders eat a well balanced diet rich in seafood, honey, fruit, vegetables and olive oil. Even the Greek restaurants adhere to these principles serving quality fresh food at prices far lower than home. We take a look at some of the best restaurants on the islands.

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Easy, Peasy Tzatziki recipe

tzatzikiTzatziki is a very basic, although very tasty Greek yoghurt dip. The ingredients are very basic, as is the method, so don't worry if you are shopping on a budget, have very few ingredients in your cupboards or are not such a genius in the kitchen. This quick and easy dip is perfect for serving with vegetables, meat, bread or however you like. The recipe consists of garlic, strained yoghurt, cucumber, vinegar, salt and oil. However, if you don't fancy going too overboard with the garlic, you can either add less or leave it out completely. Just like the Bulgarian 'Tarator', Tzatziki can also be enjoyed as a soup too.


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Wine Review: San Gerasimo (VQPRD)

It is widely told that the Greek god of wine , Dionysus travelled far and wide throughout the Greek territory teaching the people how to tend the many vines that he planted on his travels. In Kefalonia, it is said that the first ever vine was planted by the island’s namesake Cephalus, son of the god Hermes. The vine spread and occupied the whole island and new offshoots developed different coloured fruit from white to red, black and yellow. The local people picked the grapes and made fine wines from them such as Moshato, Vostilidi, Theniatico, Tsaousi, and the most famous of all Robola. Wine originating from Kefalonia was refered to in many great myths and literary works; Homer’s heroes drank wine made in Kefalonia, whilst Ulysses used Kefalonian Maronean wine to lure and pacify the legendary Cyclops. Today, Kefalonia’s Robola is the most forceful agricultural product in the country after olive oil.

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Delicious Greek Halvas Recipe

Try this delicious Greek dessert. Although it is traditionally served cold, it still makes a lovely dessert any time of the year.

Greek Halvas is a perfect dessert to impress your friends and family with, so get ready in the kitchen and start cooking.

To create this tasty dish, all you need is some basic ingredients and about an hour or two of your time.

This recipe is fairly easy to make and the more you make it, the better you will become.




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