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Dolmathes Recipe

Greek Dolmathes Recipe

Dolmathes are leaves of various kinds (usually Vine leaves in Greece), stuffed with a mixture based on either meat or rice. Certain regions also use lettuce or cabbage leaves. In Greece there are many different version of this dish, we have simplified this recipe for those of you who wish to try this at home by using the more commonly available cabbage leaves! In this recipe we are cooking the Dolmathes on the stove top, however many Greeks actually cook them in the oven. Feel free to replace the pork mince with a handful of mixed, cooked vegetables for a delicious vegetarian version.

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Wine Review: Gavalas Vinsanto

Santorini is the island that is most renowned for its fine wine and wine production here dates back to the Bronze Age. The soil here created by many disastrous volcanic explosions is very calcareous and covered with layer upon layer of volcanic ash as well as lava and pumice. There is little rain on this island but strong winds do blow through the Cyclades making it a surprising fact that vines grow so well here and have never been plagued by disease, but the compact soil is highly porous and retains water, which helps the vines to stay nourished during the hot summer temperatures. Santorini’s vines also grow low to the ground in spiral basket-like shapes. This protects them from the wind and helps them catch the moisture in the sea fog during the long, hot summer nights.

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Lamb kleftiko

Lamb kleftiko is one of the most popular traditional Greek dishes you will find on a menu in a Greek taverna. It is a simple dish to prepare and a delicious dish to share with family and fiends. Lamb Kleftiko is principally slow cooked lamb with vegetables in a paper parcel. From allowing plenty of time to cook this dish means the flavours merge, with the end result being a tasty and impressive meal that you will remind you of your holidays in Greece.

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Vasilopita Cake Recipe

Vasilopita cake recipe - this cake is traditionally served on St. Basil's day, which is on the 1st January. Vasilopita is served on New Year's Day to bring the house and the family good luck and health for the coming year. Usually, a coin is baked in the cake and it's believed that the lucky person who gets the coin will receive extra luck and blessings throughout the year. Any visitors present at the time will receive a piece of the cake, as well as every friend and family member too. Each person will eat a slice of the cake to celebrate the day together. Why don't you practice making Vasilopita cake recipe and surprise your friends and family on New Year's day!

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Greek Lamb Dishes

Greek Lamb Dishes - here we look at some of the facts about Greece's cuisine and a list of the most popular Greek lamb dishes.

Facts on Lamb

Lamb is regularly the main ingredient of an important celebration meal associated with Greece's historical culinary culture. In addition it plays a big part in the Greek diet today.

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Greek Drink Ouzo

The Greek drink ouzo is Greece's famous aniseed flavoured spirit, and a great accompaniment to seafood. It is an aniseed tasting, powerful alcohol spirit, which is consumed from small glasses generally neat, with a glass of mineral water or simply served with ice. Today the younger Greek generation consume it mixed with a mixer such as cola.

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Greek Kourambiethes Cookies

Greek Kourambiethes Cookies are Greek cookies that are served at many different holidays and celebrations in Greece. These tasty treats are not just served at Christmas, but can be enjoyed all year round and can be stored easily for a reasonable amount of time.








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Greek Christmas Bread

Greek Christmas Bread - Chrisopsomo bread or Christ's bread is a bread that is traditionally served in Greece during the festive season. This recipe is a very old traditional recipe from Greece and comes from a tine when it was popular for families to add their family initials, made from dough, to the top of the bread. This recipe however, has a cross on the top to mark the celebration of Christmas.
You can vary the garnishings on your Greek Christmas bread and

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Greek Spinach and Feta Pie


Greek spinach and feta pie or Spanakopita is a traditional authentic Greek dish. It is well known for its crispy layers of flaky, buttery pastry and delicious rich tasty filling. It can be eaten on its own as a snack or as part of a light meal with salad. It is a popular Greek recipe and is eaten anytime of the day. It is suitable for vegetarians and freezes well.

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