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Eurobasket 2015: Greece could not make it through the quarterfinals

In a dramatic game, full of suspense and unexpected turns, Greece lost to Spain with 71 to 73 points respectively in the Eurobasket 2015. The game aired on Tuesday 15th of September, after a first round of outstanding performances and successes for Greece.

The Greek team, equipped with mostly very young players, who nonetheless play in big basketball teams-some even in NBA-, made its way through to the quarterfinals after eliminating Belgium and having finished first in its group with no losses.

The quarterfinal was however a game that could easily resemble the final of the competition. Greece played against the mighty Spain, literally scoring hand-to-hand till the very last seconds. Although having a bad start in the game, the Greek team made a forceful comeback, particularly in the third quarter leading the game.

The Greek players were not unfortunately in the best shape to find the target, with the result of many points being lost in free shots. Antetokounmpo was by far the most valuable player of the Greek team, having made several stops, taken rebounds and scored valuable points at critical moments of the game.

The last 30 seconds were thrilling as Greece, losing by seven points managed to narrow down the difference to two points, but time was not enough. Spain made it to the semi-finals while Greece will now play for getting at best the 5th place in the tournament and coming closer to playing in the Olympic Games of 2016.