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DESTE art prize winner announced

This year’s winner of the prestigious DESTE Prize is the artist Angelos Plessas, announced in September 2015 at the Cycladic Art Museum, where the exhibition of candidates was hosted.

The project is called "The Eternal Brotherhood of the internet (1-3)" and it started back in 2012, when the artist invited online "friends" –other artists, poets, architects- to camp together for a few days in the island Anafi. His aim was to examine what happens when people who only know each other online suddenly are "exiled" in nature, away from their daily lives and society, creating a new model of life experience and art together.

The project includes promotional material objects and allows micro-actions to occur by guests and visitors, who can shape in turn the future of the project and the community of ‘The Eternal Brotherhood of the Internet as a community’, which is perpetually open to unlimited members.

"It is a great honor to receive this award," said the winner, thanking the other candidates.

The meetings, part of the project, have taken place in Anafi (2012), in Chilitla in Mexico (2013) and the Dead Sea (2014). In July 2015, the meeting happened at the Malaspina Castle in Tuscany, where Dante spent his exile.