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Open Air Athens Film Festival (AOAFF), 5th Edition

The Athens Open Air Film Festival takes place for the 5th consecutive year, with more than 20 selected views in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Athens, giving the city the cinematic glow it deserves. The institution has won the gold award at the Tourism Awards 2015 in the category of Cultural Tourism, signifying its gamut which satisfies and entertains even the most demanding audience.

For the first year, the organisation of Culture, Sport and Youth of Athens takes up the co-organisation of the largest outdoor film festival, reinforcing therefore this institution.

From June to September 2015, historical places of Athens, such as the pedestrian way of Aeropagitou, the Academy Park and some of the most beautiful museums of Athens like Nomismatokopio, the Byzantine and Archaeological Museum are converted into outdoor cinema with free admission for the public.

The screenings of the Festival expanded for the first time to the Ancient Theatre of Kolonos, the Benaki Museum and the Train at Rouf, and the premiere of the festival opened at one of the most exciting archaeological sites, the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Of the selected areas of the festival there are also some of the best summer cinemas of the city such as Cine Zephyros and Ellinis Cinemax.