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Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2015

Despite the current economic situation of the country, Greece is celebrating 60 years of the theater and dance festival which has been established as one of the most important, if not the most, performing arts gathering. There are some must-see performances such as the farewell “Life in Progress” by Sylvie Gkilem at Herodium, with which she will complete her 35 year long career.

There are also some foreign directors whose new projects will seal the success of the full programme of this year’s festival: The festival of 2015 in numbers:

    •    60 years since the establishment of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival
    •    30 theatrical performances are included this year
    •    2,000,000 Euros is the budget available to the festival by the Ministry of Culture.
    •    6 festival spaces of the Athenian festival: Herodium, Piraeus 260, Art Theatre "Karolos Koun", Theatre Street Cyclades' Lefteris Vogiatzis’,  Aristotelian museum,  Music hall (‘Megaro Mousikis’)
    •    10 performances taking place at Epidaurus: three Aristophanes comedies, six tragedies and a Japanese No performance
    •    65 students and graduates of the School of Drama of the Art Theatre will be part of the Piraeus 260 project "I want a country"
    •    7 intercultural productions from Japan, South Africa, New York, Germany, France, Serbia, Vietnam are traveling to Athens
    •    10 is the number of contemporary dance performances; nine will take place at Piraeus 260 and one at Herodium