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Enjoy Good Food in Summery Athenian Gardens - PART II

This article is a follow up to the previously published list (originally by Athens Voice) which contains the ‘in-fashion’ places to enjoy a good meal in Athens, in an exquisite summery environment.  The second part of the list is provided below and we hope you already took our advice and tried out one of the places mentioned in the previous edition. So, here it goes:


This place instantly transfers you to an island during the mid-August period. Surprisingly, it is situated in the Northern suburbs of Athens, in Chalandri to be exact, but its setting with the white tables and natural surroundings shouts ‘Greek island’. Here you can enjoy the traditional ‘mama’s’ meze dishes, graviera cheese, authentic feta cheese from Roumeli, Kalamata sausage, olive oil from Lamia and a meat selection from Lakonia.

As you can guess, the dishes offered are carefully selected and representative of the Greek cuisine. Sitting outside in the garden the sweet smell of orange trees and basil will infiltrate your senses. The prices are friendly for what it offers!
Where?: 16 Dionysou, Chalandri, 210 6854880


An unusual place, inspiring mystery, made up of stone and wood decorated with old antique items hand-picked by its collector-owner. The dishes served are traditional but accustomed, with some extras added to differentiate them from most places serving traditional food. The results are extremely satisfying and you will not be disappointed.

The food is good and plentiful, therefore it is recommended for those which ‘good food’ is a strong priority and an important factor in deciding where to eat!
Where?: 100 Galatsi Avenue, 21 0292 4458

Altamira, Maroussi

This place is all combined in one! Recipes are inspired by all the great cuisines of the world, blending together the tastes of Mexico, India, Middle East, Asia. The result is a worldwide ethnic combo in original multi-collected recipes. All this in a relaxing green environment.

Mole rojo from Mexico, special meat from Asia, kanafeh and torta Mexicana are only some of the choices, promising to keep you (and your taste buds) utterly happy.
Where?: 28 Perikleous, Marousi, 210 6128841/ 210 6142767


The restaurant is located in an old manor of 1900, filled with Mediterranean and Greek dishes. Make sure to ask for an "open-hearted" pouch of Limnos (feta wrapped in filo pastry with sesame and honey), the house special chicken of Ydroussa, oriental kebab and at the end, for the sweet-toothed, delightfully melting chocolate soufflé.

Excellent price for keeping both your pockets and your stomach full!
Where?: 56 Agias Paraskeyis, Chalandri, 210 6812520