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Seasonal Savings!

With Christmas and New Year all in the same month, it is a time when our spending budget goes out of the window and we end up spending a little more than what we should have throughout the holiday season. There are all of the Christmas and New Year parties to consider, new outfits, food and drink, taxi fares, seasonal special treats and of course - Christmas presents! So how can you save a little over Christmas and not miss out on any of the festive fun?!


If you can't afford to splash out on luxury cakes, then why not try making it yourself if you are handy in the kitchen? Shop bought cakes are very expensive, yet you could replica the cake by buying all of your own ingredients for a lot less!

On the subject of DIY (doing it yourself) you should try making your own mulled wine instead of buying bottled or packet versions from the shop. Homemade mulled wine is cheap and easy to make so make your own this season.

If you can't think of what to buy your friends and family as far as presents are concerned, you should make your own gifts. Think about something that you are good at or interested in and make and pack your own gifts. This is cheap, fun and thoughtful and will be much appreciated by the recipient.

Update Your Wardrobe
New clothes for the Christmas/New Year season can be expensive but are vital for the holiday and parties this holiday. A new outfit could set you back 100 Euros or more and if you have more than one party to attend then you may want to buy a few different outfits. So, how much will that come to?! New clothes, accessories, shoes and hair appointments will badly damage your bank balance - and this applies to both men and women! But if like most people these days, you are a little strapped for cash, try updating your wardrobe and revamp your clothes. This is fun and doesn't have to cost too much. Men can simply add a new shirt or tie to their evening suit, which will instantly update the look. Whereas women can add sequins to a dress, add a broach or alter the length. You could even dye the dress a different colour if you are confident that you are able to do so. Other ways of updating your outfit is to buy a new bag, add a shall or a jewelled collar.

Use What you have
Although we appreciate e all of our Christmas gifts, sometimes we end up with some unwanted gifts that are not to our taste or we will simply never use. Whatever you do, you shouldn't throw them away, instead keep them in their packaging and give them to someone else. For example if you are given a bottle of wine that you may not like or want to drink, then keep it in for any upcoming parties that you may be holding or attending.

Store any other unwanted gifts in a drawer or cupboard and give them to friends and family as a birthday present throughout the next year or even save them for next Christmas.