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Law Office of Evangelos.S.Karaindros

We would like to thank "Law Office of Evangelos.S.Karaindros" for their contribution to the Quest Greek Islands legal and finance section. They have helped us to provide you, our readers, with the most up to date news and information on Greek laws. So, as a thank you to them for their services and excellent articles that they have given to us, we would like to share with you this interview about their company  and services.

Law Office of Evangelos.S.Karaindros is located in downtown Athens, walking distance from Syndagma square and the famous district of Plaka. We provide legal services to natural persons (for example people in the entertainment industry, professional athletes, prominent business executives), multinational companies, large institutions (for example the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, the WORLD BANK). I set up my own private practice in 2008 and this is where "Law Office of Evangelos.S.Karaindros" started. After obtaining invaluable work experience at the headquarters of one of BP Amoco's Group of companies in England, United Kingdom, I decided to set up my own private practice in Greece in order to provide legal services to foreigners and foreign entities. Our areas of practice include civil law, administrative law, criminal law, commercial law.Our fees vary depending on the nature of the case and the monetary size of the claim. We offer competitive rates without jeopardizing quality. There are many differences between laws in Greece and laws in other countries. The underlying reasons for these differences are predominantly cultural and sociological.
Example 1- Homosexual marriages are recognized in Holland while they are forbidden in Greece.

Example 2- Greek courts do not grant joint custody to both parents. They adjudicate child custody to one parent (usually the mother) and grant communication rights to the other parent.

Example 3- Under Greek law a couple may get married by a civil and/or religious ceremony. While in other jurisdictions the civil ceremony is a prerequisite for the religious ceremony.

Foreigners living legally in Greece exercise many legal rights that Greeks have such as the right to healthcare, education etc. However, they are restricted in running for public office in order to become a member of the Greek Parliament, President or Prime Minister of Greece and they are restricted in being appointed to the Greek judicial system.