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New Greek Tax Regulations E9

Please notice that the new tax laws require that all Greeks and foreigners living in Greece or abroad and have assets in Greece, must file a specific tax form, E-9 document, in which all the properties will be properly listed.

To list the properties in details as requested, we have to retrieve the deeds of our properties, along with a certificate of ownership for the mentioned properties. The deeds and the certificate of ownership will be received from various deeds bureaus in Greece.



According to the newly imposed regulation every person who inherited, bought and/or donated properties in Greece, must file the new tax returns. If we fail to follow this procedure, we will not be able to buy, sell, donate property, or inherit our Greek assets in the future.

The deadline to file the new tax forms and the E-9 tax document has expired. The deadline applies to all the people (Greek or not), whether they reside in Greece, or abroad. Please notice that you will not lose your property, if you will not file the E 9 tax document on time. You will only pay a fine, of approximately 50-100 euros.
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