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Paying Taxes in Greece; Non-Resident Income Tax Return


Athens: Greek authorities arrested one of the most important businessmen in the country, Leonidas Bobolas on Wednesday, for tax evasion. He was released later after paying €1.8 million in back taxes. This is just one of the Greek government’s attempts to collect money from tax evaders.

In Greece, income tax is payable by all individuals who earn an income in the country, regardless of their citizenship or place of permanent residence. It is therefore important for expatriates working in Greece to learn how to properly complete their income tax returns to ensure a smooth stay in the country.

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US Expat Tax Returns and FATCA

expat tax returnsShould American expats in Greece care about FATCA? What should American expats in Greece know about FATCA? How does it affect their US expatriate tax returns?

On November 8, 2022 Treasury indicated that it has been in negotiations with over 50 countries regarding the implementation of FATCA. If you want to know more about FATCA, please read What is FATCA.

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Adoption in Greece

babyHere we look at the process of adoption in Greece and what is involved if you are looking to adopt a child in Greece. It's not just regular people who choose to adopt, but the big stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Madonna and many more Hollywood stars have decided to adopt children from all over the world. Adopting children of any age is a wonderful experience and gives much satisfaction and happiness to both you and the child.


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American Expat Taxes

american expat taxesWhen it comes to taxes, especially the less common expatriate tax issues, the easy way can quickly become the hard way. The most common simplified tax preparation methods are the popular mass-market tax programs. And while tax software does work well for most people, these programs are simply not equipped to handle all of the overseas issues relevant to expatriates. Going to a chain tax business while back home in the U.S. may only be one step above the software, though, as the employees at these chains are usually unfamiliar with expatriate exclusions and other issues.

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The Greek Property Buying Process

propertyBuying property in the Greek Islands is an easy and simple process and you don't have to be a Greek national to do so. Greek property is legislated under Article 17 of the Greek Constitution and declares that all property owners regardless of nationality or status have the same rights and liabilities. Investors will not be disappointed by the choice of property available in the Islands with everything from luxurious off-plan

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