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The Greek Health System

The Greeks have one of the longest life expectancy rates in the world and one of the cheapest health services in the European Union, yet it is not of the same standard as that in most northern European countries. Improvements are continually being made thanks to EU funding and greater government attention. The country offers both a private and public health system both operating hand in hand with one another, but on the Greek Islands public medical facilities are limited and you may be forced to rely on the private sector. In Greece, medical professionals offer highly skilled care.

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Seasonal Savings!

With Christmas and New Year all in the same month, it is a time when our spending budget goes out of the window and we end up spending a little more than what we should have throughout the holiday season. There are all of the Christmas and New Year parties to consider, new outfits, food and drink, taxi fares, seasonal special treats and of course - Christmas presents! So how can you save a little over Christmas and not miss out on any of the festive fun?!

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Law Office of Evangelos.S.Karaindros

meetingWe would like to thank "Law Office of Evangelos.S.Karaindros" for their contribution to the Quest Greek Islands legal and finance section. They have helped us to provide you, our readers, with the most up to date news and information on Greek laws. So, as a thank you to them for their services and excellent articles that they have given to us, we would like to share with you this interview about their company  and services.

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The Greek Law on Marital Property

Following a marriage breakdown in Greece, what participation right is one entitled to claim in marital property?

Marital property (or community property) is property that is acquired from the time when a marriage begins until one spouse files for a divorce in Greece or the couple is no longer living together for at least three years.

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What is the Right Age For a Child to Start School?

In Greece the children do not start full-time school until they are six years old, yet in Ireland they start at the age of four! For those whom are concerned in this matter will naturally have an opinion on what age is best for your child to begin full-time education. When we are living in our home country, this matter is not such a great concern, as we have no alternative options and don't know any different. Living in our home country, we accept that either ourselves or our children will have to start school at the legal age

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