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Applying for Residency in Greece

To stay in Greece for 90 days or longer will mean you will need to obtain a residency permit. For EU citizens, a visa is not needed to enter the country and your passport will not be stamped. After entering Greece, any EU citizen will be legally able to stay in Greece for upto 90 days.

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Working in Greece and the Law

Greece has continuously changed their laws on residency and work permits for foreigners since 2006. For those wanting to work in Greece, a work permit is not required if the applicant is from another E.U. country however; a residency permit is needed to work in Greece.

Since the residency laws in Greece have started to change in the past few years, a minimum of 11 types of residency permits have been introduced. These refer to the different purposes for residency in Greece, for example: educational purposes, religious groups and leaders, tour groups and leaders, researchers, athletes, self-employment, seasonal work, salaried employment and various others.

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Bringing your Pets

Our pets are as much members of our family as our kids and these days travelling with pets has never been easier. Whether you are looking to take your mutt or moggie on a family holiday to the Greek Islands or to move them there permanently you will find that it is as simple as moving over your furniture. Many people who have made a permanent move to the Greek Isles before you as well as many who take extended stays here have brought along their furry friends so that they can share in the experience of a relaxed and healthy lifestyle in the sun. The transition is easy if you follow Quest Greek Islands guide to bringing your pets abroad.

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Registering Your Car in Greece

To register a car in Greece a very important fact to remember is that you must have owned the vehicle and a valid license for at least 6 months. Without this, it is guaranteed that you will have major problems.
If you do plan to import your own car into Greece, you are allowed to keep the car without being registered in Greece, for a maximum of 6 months. This is provided that you have travelled from another country within the EU.

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Residency Permits

Citizens from EU member states now have an easier time settling on the Greek Islands thanks to a new ruling signed by the Greek president Karolos Papoulias in accordance with EU laws. Citizens from EU states are no longer required to hold residency permits, but in true Greek style this law has yet to be adopted by the immigration offices who are still insistent that all foreigners should register for a residency permit should they decide to stay longer than three months on the islands. You still have to register your intention to stay, but the procedure is no longer as bureaucratic as it once was.

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