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New Greek Tax Regulations E9

Please notice that the new tax laws require that all Greeks and foreigners living in Greece or abroad and have assets in Greece, must file a specific tax form, E-9 document, in which all the properties will be properly listed.

To list the properties in details as requested, we have to retrieve the deeds of our properties, along with a certificate of ownership for the mentioned properties. The deeds and the certificate of ownership will be received from various deeds bureaus in Greece.



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Jurisdiction and Inheritance Issues in Greece

Anyone who is considering moving to Greece or already has, should be aware of all laws and issues that apply to them. It is important to be aware of the laws that apply to you, not only as a foreigner, but also as a Greek resident or citizen. Make sure that you are aware of these inheritance issues that apply to anyone living in Greece.

The courts in Athens are the ones who have the authority by law, to serve all the people who reside abroad and have Inheritance legal issues to solve in Greece and no other court anywhere in the whole Greek region.


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How to Set Up a Bar in Greece

There are two main ways a prospective investor can set up in business. These are either by setting up in business himself or by buying an already established business. When it comes to the bar business, a third way to trade is also available. This is through a hybrid arrangement which effectively consists of buying the business but renting the premises in which the business trades from the seller of the business.


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Tying the Knot in Greece

Getting married is one of the most important days of many peoples lives. The wedding business is one of the most wealthiest in the world and it is suprising how much people are prepared to spend on their special day. So with the lovely Greek sunshine, beaches, sea and scenery, Greece makes the perfect destination for a wedding.





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Greek government set to reform Greek gaming laws

The Greek government has introduced a draft bill for the regulation of the gaming market in Greece and intends to deposit it in the Greek parliament this fall. 
By reforming and liberalizing the gaming market, the government hopes to put in place appropriate mechanisms in order to monitor and control the market.
Existing legislation prohibits the operation of gambling in Greece, except for OPAP’s operations and premises (OPAP S.A. is Europe’s biggest traded gambling company) and casinos. The European Court of Justice has imposed Greece with a fine of EUROS 32 000 per day for keeping its gambling market closed.
The draft gaming bill creates an appropriate legal framework in order to control the gambling market and protect consumers, minors and other vulnerable members of society. It creates an independent watchdog which will oversee the gaming market.

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