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Knowing Your EU Rights in Greece

dealGreece has been a member of the European Union for several years now however, this has not stopped problems occuring with certain aspects of foreigners living in Greece. Difficulties have occurred with things such as recognition of professional qualifications, obtaining driving licences and residency permits. We investigate what recourse EU citizens have when experiencing problems due to misapplication of EU law in Greece. It is important to know what laws and rules

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What Is the EU?

euopean union flagWhat is the European Union? We hear so much in the news about the EU (the European Union) and the countries that are in it, but how does it effect us? What do they do? What are the advantages and disadvantages for countries that are members of the European Union? There are a total of 27 democratic countries in the EU group, the aim of the European Union, is to help deal with criminal matters, health care, joining the countries together to help with problems and generally helping the

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Laws on Mixed Marriages in Greece

Mixed marriages (between a Greek person and a foreigner), as well as divorces , are very common nowadays.

Greece on the year 2001 , has signed a specific Treaty with all European Countries , apart from Denmark.
With this Treaty , a European divorce Court's decision, is automatically valid and legal in both Countries of the divorcees, (Greece and the other European Countries).

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Rules and Regulations of Cohabiting in Greece

The legislators in Greece, after too many years of discussions and social protests, decided in the year 2008, to approve and legally acknowledge, the union of two free persons (heterosexuals at the moment).

The Law 3719/2008 which was published in the Government's Gazette on the 26th November 2008, declares the below:

1. Two adults people -heterosexual-, who are not married, nor related, can attend a notary public's office and declare their wish to live together. They sign a specific legal

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Ministerial Decision on Lightweight Aircrafts

Ministerial Decision D2/26314/8802 effective from the 2nd of September 2010 describes the legal framework for the activity, operation, and conduct of flights for lightweight planes, helicopters, sea planes and other lightweight air athletic machines.
The lightweight air athletic machines, which have seating for maximum two people and which have two or more engines, can fly for athletic, recreational, or training purposes. It is strictly forbidden to fly a lightweight air athletic machine for commercial use.
The lightweight air athletic machines may land and take off: i) at any airport provided they have a license to do so, ii) in specific water run ways or sea regions as specified by the Port Authorities.

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