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Quest Website Opportunities

Quest Property and Lifestyle Online Magazines have been operating for almost 8 years beginning with the highly successful Quest Bulgaria.

The popularity of the website brand ‘Quest’ has grown considerably over the years and we now feel it`s time to offer this great business opportunity to those who are willing to show a dedication to our name and in return be their own boss with complete independence to run their new business as they wish.

The time you wish to dedicate to your new website is entirely your choice; you may decide that you are only looking at an hour or so each day to pursue it as a hobby or you maybe you want to operate it as a full time business, the choice is yours!

How it Works
The way the website would operate is in some ways similar to that of any other magazine. Looking for new information which you feel would be of particular interest to your readers and at the same time keeping in line with what your website is based on, people living in the country already, thinking of living there or maybe just contemplating the purchasing of property either for a holiday home or just for investment reasons.

Take a look at this website and get yourself an idea of what is expected of you by your readers.

How to Generate Income
You now have your website and you understand what to do to keep it up to date with new information, so how do you start earning that all important income? Well the conventional way would be to contact prospective advertisers who may want to advertise their business on your website to further promote what they are all about. In return for you placing an advertising banner or button as it is frequently called, your new client will pay you for your services, usually depending on the amount of advertising space and the period of time in which they are prepared to pay you for. The prices you charge are up to you but we can provide guidance if you wish. Featured articles describing a client can also bring in the money along with a subscribed members area where your readers can pay you for access to a private members area of your website which would be your responsibility to provide content which is different to what you publish in the general public area of the site.

All our websites are based on the Joomla CMS (Content management system) which is one of the world’s best website platforms due to its ease of use and stability.
However, if you have no experience of Joomla or running a website then we can offer all the training that you will need to ensure that you can get on with earning an income for your new business without stressing over how to operate it.

Choosing Your Website
We currently have 6 websites which are fully operational and for sale to those who we feel would be most suitable to keeping the Quest name as highly respected now as it has always been.

The websites fo sale are Quest Belgium;, Quest Italy;, Quest Australia;, Quest USA; and Quest Greek Island;

If you would like a Quest website which is not yet operational then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can give you a price and build it for you.