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The Money Diet

How long can you go in an average day before reading something on the topic of "Budgeting" or the most popular word used in the financial word at present, "crisis?" Well it is almost a certainty that it will not be long before hearing about news related to this topic. But it doesn't have to be all negativity and depression; because we have some great tips that will help you beat the winter blues and save money, which conveniently means that you will have extra cash to spend on Christmas and New Year!

It is 2011 (nearly 2012) and we have all been noticing the following factors that have been happening in front of our very eyes:

Our salaries do not go as far as what they could/should/would have done previously Items and services that we regularly use or buy are getting more and more expensive. We are told by the media that we should cut back and save more, but how can we do this without being miserable?

Perhaps you try to save money and be careful but somehow that money still slips through your fingers?!

If your salary isn't going far enough yet you still have to pay for necessities which are increasing in price and you just don't know what to do, then you must remember that you are not alone! Usually, when you don't have enough money you are advised to either make more money or cut back, but what happens when neither are possible or rational options?! Well then you have only one choice and that is to follow the following financial tips that are brought to you by Quest Greek Islands!

Shopping Online
Shopping online is becoming more and more popular and it is not wonder when there are so many great bargains to be had online. By using price comparisons sites such as: Kelkoo, Price runner and others, you can find a range of different products online for a lot cheaper than you could on the high street. You can also use internet sites to claim freebies, discounts and order products that come with free delivery too.

Writing a List and checking it twice!
You're going to find out what's naughty or nice...on your shopping list! If you are trying to save money on your shopping bill then whatever you do not go out without making a shopping list beforehand and most importantly - stick to it! Don't be tempted to chuck any unplanned luxuries in to the shopping trolley and do double check what you are planning to buy. Double check the items on your shopping list and see if you can cut back on any added extra's which are not needed to feed you and your family. One of the biggest expenses on a weekly/monthly shopping bill can be the amount of pre-packed food that you may buy, which are both unhealthy and overpriced. Instead, why not try recreating the meal yourself using fresh ingredients and see how much more food you can make and how much more money you will save. Other added and unnecessary treats are cigarettes and alcohol. You may be used to saying that you "need a drink!" or you "need a fag/cigarette/smoke!" But realistically these do not provide any nutritional value to you; they in fact damage your health and drain your bank balance. In an ideal world it would be very beneficial to simply quit smoking and drinking and omit these items from your shopping list, but it is not always so easy or simply to do that, especially as the Christmas season is upon us. Instead, you should try (and we mean really try!) to cut back on these things.

Going Home for the holidays...
Are you planning to fly home to friends and family this Christmas? Well book your ticket as soon as possible and if you're sticking to a tight budget then be careful not to get caught on added costs along the way. When it comes to booking the flight, you must remember to book at least fifteen days before you are due to fly, otherwise you will have to pay a lot more for your ticket. Any ticket booked within fourteen days or less is considered a ‘business/professional' ticket, as the majority of people who use plane travel regularly with work book their tickets within this period. Unfortunately this means that, due to the flight companies knowing this, they increase the cost of the ticket as they know that business/professional travellers do not have any other choice but to pay for the flight. On many budget flights, you will also be charged to check in a case in to the holdall and this can make the ‘budget' flight quite expensive. If you have no other choice but to check in luggage in to the holdall then try to sort this when you pay your flight or soon after, as the cost of checking luggage in will become more expensive as the flight gets nearer. However, if you are planning to travel light then you may just be able to take your hand luggage. Each passenger is allowed to travel with one piece of hand luggage. Size requirements regarding hand luggage depends on the flight company you are traveling with but usually you may take a maximum of 10kg of weight in your hand luggage or any weight that will fit in to a bag that fits the size requirements on hand luggage which is provided by the flight company.

Use what you have
Use any freebie tokens and vouchers that you find if they guarantee that they will not cost you anything for using them. Obviously, is the offer says ‘2 for one' and it actually works out cheaper to buy the two same items separately or perhaps you don't actually need the items then don't buy it! However, you can find many types of freebies vouchers on the internet and in magazines and newspapers - so keep your eyes peeled!