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Greece versus UK Price Comparison

One of the main factors that can sometimes sway our opinion of where and why we settle in a particular country is the cost of living there. The question of whether or not you can afford to live in Greece is a major issue and can determine your future of whether you can live or stay in Greece. We are going to look at the price comparison between Greece and the UK and see which country is cheaper to live in, or will they be

about even?! Of course, the prices of bills and living costs do depend heavily on which part of either of these countries you live in n. For example, if we were to compare London to a small, quiet island in Greece, naturally London would be more expensive and it's just the same as if we were to compare a busy Greek holiday resort with a cheap area of the UK. So, we are going to compare an average working class Greek town with the equivalent in the UK. All of the prices are written in GBP, so that you can easily see the price comparison.

Bills are probably the biggest expense to come out of your monthly salary or budget. We're talking about mortgages, rent, utility bills and taxes, as well as the possible added expense of running a car or taking public transport. Taking public transport in Greece is reasonably inexpensive compared to the UK, with the exception of taxis. Whereas running a car and paying out for all of its bills, fuel and other expenses is quite a big bill in either of the countries.


Let's take a look at renting an apartment in the UK and Greece. If you were to rent a one bedroom apartment with a bathroom and reasonable amount of living space, the price would be about:
Greece = 300 GBP
UK = 400 GBP

Water bills for 2-4 people:
Greece = 20 GBP per month
UK = 10-15 GBP per month

Electric bill for 2-4 people:
Greece = 70 GBP per month
UK = 50 GBP per month

Phone bills for 2-4 people on a landline: (per month)
Greece = 10-20 GBP
UK = 20-30 GBP

Satellite TV package: (per month after initial installation)
Greece = 25 GBP
UK = 25-40 GBP

Eating Out

Coffee in a cafe: (one cup in a coffee shop)
Greece = 1.50
UK = 2-3 GBP
1 Glass of beer in a bar:
Greece = 1.20 GBP
UK = 3 GBP

1 Steak meal in a restaurant:
Greece = 8 GBP
UK =10-12 GBP

1 Chicken meal in a restaurant:
Greece = 7 GBP
UK = 8-10 GBP

Shopping List

500ml bottle of beer:
Greece = 0.60 GBP
UK = 0.80-1 GBP

Can of soft drink:
Greece = 0.70
UK = 0.80

Loaf of bread:
Greece = 1-2 GBP
UK = 1-1.50 GBP

Bottle of Wine:
Greece = 5-10 GBP
UK = 5-10 GBP

Packet of cigarettes (pack of 20 - known brand):
Greece = 3 GBP
UK = 5-6 GBP