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Easy Ways to Save Money

Easy ways to save money - Do you find that your monthly wages seem to dissappear shortly after you receive them? You try to be careful with money, but then find your hard earned cash slipping through your fingers and by the middle of the month you are already desperately awaiting your next pay day. There is a saying about money "Money is like your life, you only get it once but you can spend it how you like!" The way you spend your money is a major factor to how you lose money too. Whether you

are saving for a special event or saving money forever, all you have to do is change the way you spend. Don't think of saving money as an impossible task that you need to fear, simply change the way you think about it and you will do better at saving.

If you don't know where to start when it comes to saving your money, we can help you! Here is a list of the best, quickest and easy ways to save money.

Don't Waste Energy
Switch off lights when you leave a room, don't leave the tap running when you don't need it and don't leave things on standby. Buy energy saving bulbs to cut electricity and invest in a few lamps that use lower wattage bulbs.

Conserving Water
In many hot countries like Greece, it is a good idea to save rainwater to water the garden with during the hotter months. Keep large water butts in the garden so that when it rains, they will fill up with rain water. Using rainwater to water the garden and plants will save you money on using fresh water from the tap. This makes a big difference when watering large plots of land.

Get Fit and Save Money Too
Walking or biking is great excericise and will save you money too. Make the most of living in Greece, where the summer and spring brings you good weather and swap driving to work for walking or biking instead.

Recycle and Re-use
Help the planet by recycling anything that you can instead of simply just throwing it in the dustbin. And, whilst we're on the subject of re-using, make sure you refill your used water bottles. Refilling your water bottles after using them is great for saving you money and helps towards saving the planet. Then, when you need to buy a new water bottle, be sure to recycle the old one.

Food for Thought
After an evening meal, what do you usually do with the leftovers? Most people would answer that you would throw them away or give it to the dog. Today, we are getting worse for wasting food and throwing leftovers away. Two ways to stop this is to serve the same amount of food but in a buffet style and allow the family to eat what they want and take it as they want it. Then, if there are any leftovers from the 'buffet' you can save them and use them again for another meal the next day, saving you both time and money!

Shop Around
Do you shop for convenience or cheapness? By this I mean, do you simply visit one shop and buy what you need without checking the price or do you shop around do get the most from your budget? This can apply to many aspects of day to day life and can be used on anything that we buy from stores. Many of us can spend ages shopping around before purchasing a new mobile phone or car, but yet when we do the weekly food shop we never bother to compare prices. Every little bit makes a difference so if you think you know of a place to buy certain products at a lower price, do take the time to go there.

Wining and Dining at Home
I am sure that you wouldn't be shocked if I said that eating and drinking in home is a lot cheaper than eating and drinking in bars and restaurants. If you fall in to the category of people you regularly eat and drink out, then you may notice that this is where you can spend the majority of your cash. However, you can still enjoy a variety of meals in home at half the price. Perhaps you are not such a regular customer at the local supermarket, but if you were to take a look at the choice available you will find that you can still enjoy some great meals in home.

Stick To a List
Make a list when you go out shopping and stick to what is on the list. You may be looking to buy tools, clothing, electrical products or the weekly shopping, but either way this rule still applies! If you write a list, you will know how much you can expect to pay at the till, where are just throwing things in to the trolley can only mean one thing = a big bill at the end! Often we buy things impulsively only then to regret it later and question why we bought it. Start today and try our tips on easy ways to save money...