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Setting up a Catering Business in Greece

Ever thought of setting up your own catering business in Greece? Setting up a catering business abroad can be difficult if you are not aware and up to date with the rules and reglations of the country. Thankfully, we have expert advice by a professional Greek law firm, who guide us through the process step by step. So, your dream of opening a business in Greece can be made possible. Ministerial Decision A1b/8577/83 describes

the incorporation and operation process for setting up a catering business in Greece.

Ιn order to obtain a license to operate the catering business, the applicant must file an application at the local competent municipality(borough) in the region where the catering business will be set up.

Prior to granting a catering license, the competent borough must examine and ensure that all the legal provisions have been satisfied including: establishing whether the environment is being protected, verifying that no nuisance exists in the surrounding area, examining that apartment bye-laws are satisfied in the event that the catering business will be located in an apartment building.

For this reason, along with the application in order to obtain a catering license, the applicant must deposit at the competent municipality, a detailed diagram of the area in which the catering business will be set up so that the borough may inquire whether the setting up of a catering business creates any problems in the respective area.

The borough examines the application for the issue of a catering license provided that all of the above requirements are satisfied. At this stage, the Health Authority of the competent borough investigates whether the catering business is in conformity with sanitary health laws.

The Ministerial Decision foresees specific square meter surface areas of space for the catering business depending on the number of individuals that will be accommodated. Furthermore, specific square meter surface areas of space is required in order to cover auxiliary rooms for refrigerators, storage areas etc., in order to ensure that the provisions(food) are properly preserved and that public health is protected.

We would like to thank Evangelos. S.Karaindros lawyer(Member of the Athens Bar Association) for this article.
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