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Claiming Benefits Whilst Living Abroad

You are still able to claim the benefits that you entitled to when you move abroad. You must first contact your local social security office and tell them that you will be moving abroad. It is also important to inform them of whether you plan to return or you will be moving out of the country permenently. If you are relocating to a country within Europe, like Greece, you will be able to receive a benefit which they privide for you in Greece. This is because countries within the EEA have an agreement that you can still claim benefits within any of

these countries. If you do plan to try and claim benefits in Greece, you may have to have paid National Insurance in the UK.

Statutory Sick Pay
If you claim statutory sick pay in the UK, you will also be able to claim this when you are living in any other country within the EEA (European Economic Area). This is available whilst the rules of claiming this benefit still applies to you. You may also claim stautory sick pay if you are for any reason unable to work and have been working for a UK based company, you will then be entitled for statutory sick pay for up to 28 weeks, which will be paid to you by your UK employer.

Winter Fuel allowance
If you were entitled to a winter fuel allowance when you were living in the UK, then you should be entitled to it when you live in Greece. However, you will only be allowed to continue claiming this allowance if you were allowed to claim this benefit in the UK and are now living in Switzerland, Gibraltar or another EEA country. Greece falls in to the category of being within the EEA, so you will still be able to claim winter fuel payments if you were entitled to it in the UK.

You will also be allowed to claim this benefit if:
you were born before 5th July 1950.
You are originally from Gibraltar, Switezerland or an EEA country.
You are entitled to claim a winter fuel allowance in the UK, EEA, Switzerland or Gibraltar.
You have been permently living abroad anytime after 5th January 1998

Other benefits

Disability allowance -
If you are entitled to claim any of these benefits for disability:
Carer's allowance
Attendance allowance
or Disability Living Allowance
This decision for disability allowances to be claimed after The European Court of Justice made the decision in October 2007. Not all disability allowances can be claimed abroad, so it is important to check first that you will be entitled to them.

Statutory Maternity Pay - Is available for anyone who has worked for a UK employer and is therefore entitled to claim this pay, whilst living abroad. You will be able to continue receiving this benefit for as long as you qualify to receive maternity pay.