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32% Spanish Paid Cash for Home Purchase in 2014

As per a recent survey 32% of the people of Spain who purchased a property in 2014 paid in cash, 62% arranged mortgage financing and the remaining 6% paid through other forms of financing (gifts, loans or inheritances).

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Spain, Home Prices Increased by 1.3% at the end of 2014

As per Real Estate Trends report, the average price of houses in Spain rose by 1.3% in the last quarter of 2014. This brings the price to 1,326 euros per square metre.

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Financial Pitfalls When Buying

buying property greek islands, money pitfallsQuest Greek Islands investigates some of the most common financial pitfalls when buying Greek property and how to mitigate these. With some careful research and consideration you can ensure you do not lost a centime of your hard-earned money and make a wise property investment.

You can never do enough research. Take your time and investigate thoroughly.

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Business Etiquette in Greece

business etiquette in greeceBusiness etiquette in Greece can be very different compared to other countries around the world. The Greeks are a warm and hospitable nation and on the first meeting with someone will shake hands firmly, keep eye contact and smile.

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Working Overseas Opportunities

woman on computerWorking overseas opportunites can be limited for many foreigners choosing to live abroad. The reality of earning money when you live abroad can be daunting but with a little effort many foreigners are able to find work. In Greece requently work is only available during the summer months when the country attracts a lot of tourists. Generally, finding work all year round in Greece can be tough. Many expats find themselves having to deal with these same employment problems in Greece as back home. Quest Greek Islands looks at working overseas opportunities forĀ  those who need to earn extra cash

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