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Starting a Business on the Greek Islands

Perhaps one of the reasons, you have postponed your move to the Greek Islands is the fact that you simply can’t think of what to do in terms of earning a living. Emigrating is a chance for you to try something new and possibly live out another dream by owning your own business. With strong tourist growth on many of the inhabited islands, there are many opportunities. We take a look at how to set up a business and provide some ideas on what might work.

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Earning a Living on the Greek Islands

Members from all EU states are free to find work and set up businesses in any member state. The only areas where you can be excluded in Greece is from joining the army and the police and from taking a government job in the sectors of security and administration. Any ‘regulated’ qualifications that you hold from tertiary education at home or from your professional life there will be recognized in Greece under EU law.

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The Greek Economy

The Greek economy grew at a rapid pace prior to the recent global financial crisis. It is a key exporter of manufactured goods, food and drink, petroleum products, cement, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It imports industrial and capital goods, foodstuffs, and petroleum. The standard of living in the country is high and this is demonstrated by the Quality of Life and the Human Development indices.

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Mortgages for Greek Island Property

Many Greek and foreign banks offer mortgages to international property buyers even in times of restricted credit and the application procedure and repayment methods are similar to what you will be used to back home including the famous catch all clause of, “your home may be repossessed if you fail to keep up with repayments.” If you are considering obtaining finance to purchase your Greek Island dream pad then read on to learn more about what is available on the Greek mortgage.

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