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Living Abroad on a Pension

Current statistics show that embarking on a retirement abroad has never been as popular as it is now. Retirees in the UK are especially prone to settling up and finding a life of comparative luxury in a more attractive destination.

Such a move is not always easy and to do so successfully many pensioners must first find a suitable destination, find accommodation, and most importantly, make sure they have enough funds to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

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Greek Civil Law - Parent's Donation

The Parent's donation (parent's gift), is a totally different legal subject to the ordinary donation which is happening between friends, partners, uncles, any other people but no, parents.

This legal practice was invented twenty years (20) ago, to enable the parents to donate their fortune to their children while they are still alive, to avoid paying enormous future inheritance taxes.

The parent's donation tax, is always much less than the inheritance tax.

To donate to their children their assets, parents must attend the notary's office and state their wishes. They can make their child total owner of their fortune, or, they can keep part of the ownership, for until the time they die.

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Overseas Residents Prefer to Bank at Home

Two thirds of British expats believe that UK banks are better than those available in their country of residence and that sterling will prove a better bet than the Euro, according to a major new survey out this week from Lloyds TSB Bank.


Four times as many responders believing that sterling is stronger for their savings than the euro and many UK overseas residents maintain ties with their homeland. 79% hold their money in sterling and over half still holding a UK current account


Two thirds of expats believe that British banks are better than those available in their country of residence (62%). Furthermore when asked which services they still used a British provider for, 83% of the responses were financial services related including banking products, pensions and insurance. Very few respondents felt that they needed a British provider for other services for

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Claiming Benefits Whilst Living Abroad

money boxYou are still able to claim the benefits that you entitled to when you move abroad. You must first contact your local social security office and tell them that you will be moving abroad. It is also important to inform them of whether you plan to return or you will be moving out of the country permenently. If you are relocating to a country within Europe, like Greece, you will be able to receive a benefit which they privide for you in Greece. This is because countries within the EEA have an agreement that you can still claim benefits within any of

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Claiming Winter Fuel Allowance in Greece

The last thing on your mind on a hot Greek summer’s day is an article about winter fuel payments...
The important week to note is 20-26 September 2010, this is known as the ‘qualifying week’. If you live in an EEA (European Economic Area) country during this week it allows those of you that previously qualified, or received, a winter fuel payment in the U.K., the payment whilst living in Greece or the Greek Islands.

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