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Quest Website Opportunities

Quest Property and Lifestyle Online Magazines have been operating for almost 8 years beginning with the highly successful Quest Bulgaria.

The popularity of the website brand ‘Quest’ has grown considerably over the years and we now feel it`s time to offer this great business opportunity to those who are willing to show a dedication to our name and in return be their own boss with complete independence to run their new business as they wish.

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Setting Up Business in the Recession

Since the global financial recession began back in 2008, businesses and its employees have been suffering badly as a result of the crisis. Those who are employed by companies have possibly suffered losing their job or taking a drop in their wages. On the other hand, top business owners are losing their livelihood and everything that they have worked thorughout their lives. The current financial crisis has put many people off setting up their own business and although there are logical reasons for this, there is still a way to keep your business alive in these dark times. Furthermore, if you are considering starting up your own business, there is a way in which you can be successful if you have the know how.

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Greece versus UK Price Comparison

One of the main factors that can sometimes sway our opinion of where and why we settle in a particular country is the cost of living there. The question of whether or not you can afford to live in Greece is a major issue and can determine your future of whether you can live or stay in Greece. We are going to look at the price comparison between Greece and the UK and see which country is cheaper to live in, or will they be

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The Money Diet

savingHow long can you go in an average day before reading something on the topic of "Budgeting" or the most popular word used in the financial word at present, "crisis?" Well it is almost a certainty that it will not be long before hearing about news related to this topic. But it doesn't have to be all negativity and depression; because we have some great tips that will help you beat the winter blues and save money, which conveniently means that you will have extra cash to spend on Christmas and New Year!

It is 2011 (nearly 2012) and we have all been noticing the following factors that have been happening in front of our very eyes:

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Taking Control of Your Spending

Do you often find that you can never control your spending? It doesn't matter how much you try to budget and be careful, you end up finding yourself in a position where the temptation to spend your cash is just too tempting! Some of you will understand exactly how this feels, where as others will not have a clue what I mean by this. Having an addiction or a tendency to through away your money on useless products and purchases

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