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The first days after the Greek elections of September 2015

One thing is evident from the election results of the 20th of September. With around 45% abstaining from participating in the election procedure the Greek public gave a powerful message that its levels of distrust to politicians have reached a new high.

However, 35,46% decided to give Alexis Tsipras another chance, even after the disappointment that his voters felt for the third Memorandum, a new series of austerity measures and despite July’s referendum that ended in a resounding ‘No’.

New Democracy lost with 28,10% of the votes while the Golden Dawn , the far right extremist party, came third gaining more and more influence in the last couple of years.

The Deputy Prime Minister John Dragasakis, referring to the next (hopefully) four years of government, stated that "the course will be uphill, but there is optimism that we have time to plan ahead". The post-election reshuffle of the government conveys feelings of intraparty and post-election arrangements, from which characteristics of the enlargement policy are absent. The government spokesperson, Olga Gerovasili, spoke of "government battle and responsibility" which should respond to "the popular demand for hard work".

The first days did not seem hopeful, nevertheless, since already the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Dimitris Kammenos, submitted his resignation on the 23rd of September after an uproar that was sparked based on anti-Semitic and racist posts of the Deputy Minister on social media.