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The Island that Marches to its Own Drumbeat - Ikaria

You might have heard of the island of Ikaria, an island where stores open at night, everyone is friendly and people live long lives. How much of it is true?

Well, all of it! Located in the Cyclades, Ikaria is a fairly large island with a population of roughly nine thousand inhabitants. Offering some breathtaking scenery, Ikaria has it all. From one of the oldest forests in Greece, to waterfalls, canyons, turquoise waters, sandy beaches and remarkable hiking trails.

Besides its phenomenal physical beauty, Ikaria is well known for the longevity of its people. In Ikaria there are more healthy people over the age of ninety than anywhere else in the world.The secret to this?

Well it’s not a simple answer. To start, looking at their diet, people in Ikaria eat primarily a Mediterranean diet with home grown wine, olive oil and their very famous honey. 

Almost everyone there socializes at taverns or cafes until the late hours of the night and most of them wake up whenever they want. In fact, in the village of Hristos Rahon, the bakeries and pharmacies open up in the late afternoon to ensure that its citizens are rested. These “particular” rhythms of life are stress-free. People in Ikaria are mostly happy.