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The Greek Island of Hydra: a Jet-Setter’s Paradise

If you’re looking for an exciting destination close to mainland Greece, jet-setting Hydra has plenty to offer. Part of the sardonic Gulf Islands, you can arrive at Hydra’s beautiful harbor in less than an hour by high speed boat to begin your adventure.

Many define Hydra by what it doesn’t have: sandy beaches or cars! However, visitors can swim off the rocks along the shore, or grab a donkey for transportation. Visiting Hydra is a bit like going back in time, as the island has remained relatively unchanged for years, with the town having been restored to its exact appearance when first built in the 1800s.

Hydra is famous for its nightlife, and the many fine restaurants and waterfront cafes have hosted dozens of celebrities over the years. Hotels are scarce here, although B&Bs and villas are available for overnight stays. Travelers are encouraged to book well in advance, as the island is a favorite weekend destination for Athenians looking for time away.  

A walker’s paradise, traveler’s can enjoy paths through wildflower-covered hills that lead to monasteries and churches, with spectacular views along the way. The many cafes serve traditional Greek food and offer endless people watching. Convenient water taxis are available throughout the island to take visitors to different points along the shore.

Although bustling with people and activity, many visitors feel relaxed after a visit to Hydra. Somehow this island is able to combine high-energy excitement with stress-free living, offering a perfect destination for the traveler in search of the best of both worlds.