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The Magical Greek Island of Corfu

Considered one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, Corfu is also one of the country’s most popular islands. Located on the northern side of the Ionian Sea, Corfu charms visitors with a style reminiscent of Italian cities like Venice or Florence. Families, couples and groups can all find something to love about this relaxing island.

Technically an archipelago, Corfu is located to the north of the Ionian Sea and at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea. It has a very diverse landscape that includes mountains, millions of olive trees, and secluded sandy beaches. In addition to its natural beauty, Corfu is home to traditional villages, Venetian fortresses, Byzantine churches, museums and lively resorts. Its warm, Mediterranean climate ensures that summers are dry with blue skies, cooled by the occasional breeze.

Covered with serene beaches and ancient cobblestone streets, Corfu is a welcome destination for travelers looking to relax. However, the island also offers the excitement of outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, hiking. Watersport centers on the beaches offer something for all ages including paddle boarding, jet skiing and surfing.

Known for its colorful musical events, culinary feasts, carnival celebrations and religious festivals--including the most joyful Easter celebration in Greece—this is an island for those who are looking to embrace the joy of life and share it with others.

With its colorful past, diverse landscape and natural beauty, Corfu welcomes you from the moment you arrive. This Greek island is truly a magical destination not to be missed.