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Serifos and Chrysi Islands

The natural beauty of Greece is undeniable, and has been glorified throughout the years. CNN recently dedicated an article on the best unpopular yet ‘gem’ islands of the Mediterranean, two of which are islands of Greece often going unnoticed because of the nearby cosmopolitan islands, notably Mykonos and Santorini.


Serifos, belonging to the complex of Cyclades, is an island of unspoilt and unexplored natural beauty. The island is a host to numerous secluded and not crowded beaches, like the ones of Ambeli or Karavi and its endemic flora is most known for the intense smell of thyme and fig trees. The center of the island is situated at a rocky hill.


Chrysi, translated as ‘golden’, is an ex pirates island south of Crete characterized by palm trees, crystal clear waters and long strip beaches. The island is of archeological interest as findings from the Minoan area have been excavated, as well as Roman tombs. For the history-bound travelers, the island also features a monastery build during the Middle Ages.

Visitors can swim at the ‘golden beach’, also known as Belegrina beach, where little stones and shells bring memories of an era where these were used to dye the clothing of emperors and kings.