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Lipsi Island

lThe legendary island of Lipsi, since myth has crowned it to be the island of Calypso, offers a majestical yet undiscovered experience. Laid out in only 16 square kilometers with around 790 permanent inhabitants, you will find an unusual wilderness while still remaining close to the more touristic island of Patmos.

Surrounded by blueish calm waters, it reminds of exotic Caribbean islands, however coupled with the traditional taverns it reassures that this small paradise is part of Greece.

To walk to the Village (‘Chorio’) which is the center of the island, you cross an idyllic path of coastline next to the rocky slopes. The center has fine shops, restaurants and picturesque streets where you can spend relaxed beautiful evenings with a touch of culture. In the area of Katsadia, you can enjoy local food in the Dilale tavern, surrounded by fishing boats and tired fishermen who return from a hard day’s work.

To continue the night, you can visit Sophocles’ place for some ouzo and listen to rempetiko and alternative music until late. The island’s largest church St. John is usually a crossing of the harbor from one end to another, which takes approximately 10 minutes, and you can witness its big procession if you happen to be there on the 23rd of August.