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Skyros island

With an imperishable tradition and with residents who have not yet succumbed to the over-touristic demands, with gastronomic riches who meet and rejoice in all the taverns of the island, Skyros is one in the top islands to visit. It is a romantic island, where the poet Rupert Brooke died and was buried pointing to the poetry enriching the island’s atmosphere.

Skyros is famous for its meat, particularly goat, served with lemon and sauce, and the local cheese ‘ksinotiro’ ( roughly translated as sour cheese). Skyros’ gastronomy is mostly known for its delicious fish and especially lobster, famous as having the best lobster pasta in Greece.

Local fava (yellow split lentils) and ‘oil-pies’ complement any main dish. A vast array of sweet delicacies, also with local honey, or ice-cream with fresh milk can be found at the patisserie Faltainas Kyriakopoulou at the center of the island. One of the best taverns for meat is the Ayios Petros tavern on the way to the airport, and one of the most popular fish taverns is Stelios, situated at the Gyrismata beach.

How to get there? One can easily get to Skyros through plane from Athens (around 50 Euros for a return ticket), or take a ferry from Kimi for about 1.5 hours to arrive to the almost untouched island.