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The Picturesque Island of Poros

Poros is a small Greek island that is situated not too far from Athens. During the summer months, the island can be very busy and popular with many tourists, both Greek and foreign, coming to visit this beautiful island. There is much to see and do here and it offers something for everyone.

Poros, which name means 'narrow strait', is a small, volcanical island in Greece. The island is thought to be romantic and is considerably beautiful, but although the island is said to be a very romantic island, it is suitable for young people, families, children and makes a great get away. Due to the fact that Poros is situated close to Athens, Poros is a very popular weekend and summer destination to many Athenians, many of which own holiday homes on the island. Poros is only a small island and can be rather quiet and tranquil throughout an average week, but it is during the summer season and on the weekends when the island is brought to life.



Where To Go

Like most of the Greek islands, Poros has a rich history and archaeological sites to explore. If visiting historical sites and museums is something that you enjoy, be sure to check out the small museum in Plateia Koryzi, where you will find many interesting, historical treasures to observe.

There is also the Zoodochos Pigis monastery, which means "Life giving source", which is one of the islands main sites to see.

Another place that you can visit, is the Saronic Gulf, where you can take a ferry trip along this lake and admire the view.

If you fancy visiting an anicent ruin from the 6th century BC, then you can always visit the temple of Poseidon.
Poros is a great place to explore on foot and offers many scenic walks, which gives you the perfect chance to explore the wonderful surrounding nature.

Why not also take a trip to Galatea, where you can see the beautiful lemon forest?!

Food and Drink

The island has many great places where you can wine and dine. Throughout the whole of Greece, there are many 'Tavernas' which are traditional Greek bars, which serve traditional Greek cuisine. Depending on which Taverna you choose to visit, you will be able to try out each Tavernas speciality dishes. Many Tavernas serve their speciality spit-roast meats, where as if you wonder along to the sea front you will find many restaurants which serve international food. The food and drink can all be enjoyed for a relatively fair price in the bars and restaurants in Poros.

Sand, Sea and Scenery

Poros has a lot of scenery and nature, there are many trees and forests as well as beaches. The beaches in Poros are all very peaceful and private, although watersports and other activites are all available, such as wind surfing, boat trips and paragliding. There are quiet bays on many of the beaches in Poros and both sandy beaches and pebble beaches too.


If you are looking for nightlife here, wait until the weekend when the island really comes to life or in August when it is at its peak for tourism. Although Poros is a small Greek island, there are still numerous bars and discos to visit, especially in the town of Poros. There is much fun to be had on the island!

How to get there

As Poros is quite a small island, it doesn't have its own airport. However, not to worry, because there are several daily boat trips that run from Poros to Piraeus. So if you are thinking of visiting Poros, you must first fly to Athens and catch the ferry from Piraeus to Poros.